Samekhi's Greek LTR-RTL Greek Hebrew Bible Project
Revelation 13:3
 [kai]   [eido]   [mia]   [autos]   [kephale]   [hos]   [sphazo]   [eis]   [thanatos]   [kai]   [autos]   [thanatos]   [plege]   [therapeuo]   [kai]   [holos]   [ge]   [thaumazo]   [en]   [opiso]   [therion] 
 and, also, both, but, even, for, if, o.. be aware, behold, X can (+ not tell), .. a (certain), + agree, first, one, X ot.. her, it(-self), one, the other, (mine).. head about, after (that), (according) as (i.. kill, slay, wound abundantly, against, among, as, at, (b.. X deadly, (be...) death and, also, both, but, even, for, if, o.. her, it(-self), one, the other, (mine).. X deadly, (be...) death plague, stripe, wound(-ed cure, heal, worship and, also, both, but, even, for, if, o.. all, altogether, every whit, + through.. country, earth(-ly), ground, land, world admire, have in admiration, marvel, wo.. about, after, against, + almost, X alt.. after, back(-ward), (+ get) behind, + .. venomous, wild) beast
 [iak]   [odie]   [aim]   [sotua]   [elahpek]   [soh]   [ozahps]   [sie]   [sotanaht]   [iak]   [sotua]   [sotanaht]   [egelp]   [ouepareht]   [iak]   [soloh]   [eg]   [ozamuaht]   [ne]   [osipo]   [noireht] 

🌈Pride🌈 goeth before Destruction
When 🌈Pride🌈 cometh, then cometh Shame

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