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    🌈Pride🌈 goeth before Destruction
    When 🌈Pride🌈 cometh, then cometh Shame

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    Simple Rules for this Site!

     Posted by Webmaster on Saturday, August 31 2002
    • Web-Ministry is intended for the Glory of God.
    • Please try to be respectful of God and to be reverent toward His Word, which is the Holy Bible.
    • Some may not be Christian nor agree with Christian theology in general, but please be respectful of those that do and to Christendom in general.
    • People from all walks of life and backgrounds of faith are welcome here, including the backslidden and nonbelievers, as well.
    • We may not all agree... but we can agree to disagree, at least.
    • However, any potential disagreements still need to remain civil in nature, and should stay as such.
    • Please, just debate the points of your position, if necessary, and refrain from ad hominem attacks. Slandering and name calling serve no productive purpose.
    • Posting rules are based upon decent conduct and generally acceptable chat behavior and, also, on Christian beliefs and morals found in the Holy Bible.
    • Please refrain from using offensive language or obscenely suggestive innuendo.
    • Usernames that are not becoming of basic common decency and morality are not to be used and may possibly result in membership cancellation.
    • Refusing to follow forum rules may result in membership cancellation and possibly some or all applicable posts being deleted and if necessary... entire threads.
    • If you feel these things to be unacceptable, please find another forum to post on.Thank you.
    • dp,webmaster,Chrysoprasus,wilshine

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