Parable of the The Wise and the Foolish Builders

Mark 7:24 And from thence he arose, and went into the borders of Tyre and Sidon, and entered into an house, and would have no man know it: but he could not be hid.
Mark7:24 Strong's Greek~English LIT Bible:

Mark 7:24

  even/then/also ~kai  

  from that place, (from) thence, there ~ekeithen  

  to rise ~anistemi  

  to go away, depart ~aperchomai  

  into/for ~eis  

  border ~methorios  

  Tyre ~Turos  

  even/then/also ~kai  

  Sidon ~Sidon  

  even/then/also ~kai  

  X arise, come (in, into), enter in(-to), go in (through) ~eiserchomai  

  into/for ~eis  

  home, house(-hold) ~oikia  

  to will/have in mind/intend ~thelo  

  not even one ~oudeis  

  "to know" ~ginosko  

  even/then/also ~kai  

  to be able to do something ~dunamai  

  not ~ou  

  be hid, be ignorant of, unawares ~lanthano  

Mark 7:25 For a certain woman, whose young daughter had an unclean spirit, heard of him, and came and fell at his feet:
Mark7:25 Strong's Greek~English LIT Bible:

Mark 7:25

  for(gar-in the Beginning) ~gar  

  a woman ~gune  

  of them/he ~autos  

  who/which/what/that ~hos  

  little (young) daughter ~thugatrion  

  to have/hold ~echo  

  foul, unclean ~akathartos  

  breath/wind/spirit ~pneuma  

  to hear ~akouo  

  about/concerning ~peri  

  of them/he ~autos  

  to come ~erchomai  

  beat upon, fall (down) at (before) ~prospipto  

  near/nearness ~pros  

  of them/he ~autos  

  foot ~pous  

Mark 7:26 The woman was a Greek, a Syrophenician by nation; and she besought him that he would cast forth the devil out of her daughter.
Mark7:26 Strong's Greek~English LIT Bible:

Mark 7:26

  but/moreover ~de  

  a woman ~gune  

  I was/I agree ~en  

  Greek ~Hellenis  

  Syrophenician ~Surophoinissa  

  born, country(-man), diversity, generation, kind(-red), nation, offsprin... ~genos  

  even/then/also ~kai  

  to question/ask ~erotao  

  of them/he ~autos  

  in order that ~hina  

  bring forth, cast (forth, out), drive (out), expel, leave, pluck (pull, ... ~ekballo  

  devil, god ~daimonion  

  out of/away from ~ek  

  of them/he ~autos  

  daughter ~thugater  

Mark 7:27 But Jesus said unto her, Let the children first be filled: for it is not meet to take the children's bread, and to cast it unto the dogs.
Mark7:27 Strong's Greek~English LIT Bible:

Mark 7:27

  but/moreover ~de  

  Jesus/Yeshua ~Iesous  

  to speak ~epo  

  of them/he ~autos  

  cry, forgive, forsake, lay aside, leave, let (alone, be, go, have), omit... ~aphiemi  

  a child ~teknon  

  first in time or place ~proton  

  feed, fill, satisfy ~chortazo  

  for(gar-in the Beginning) ~gar  

  to be ~esti  

  not ~ou  

  X better, fair, good(-ly), honest, meet, well, worthy ~kalos  

  to take/to receive ~lambano  

  a child ~teknon  

  (shew-)bread, loaf ~artos  

  even/then/also ~kai  

  to throw ~ballo  

  dog ~kunarion  

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