Don’t worry, be patient.

  Posted by Denny Aleksuk on Wednesday, May 26 3:51 pm

In understanding Jesus’ teachings concerning the Kingdom of God, (God’s way of doing things in the earth) one of the most misunderstood and underrated things that a Christian has to consider is the time element involved in Faith.

Jesus taught that the kingdom of God is likened unto a seed, which is sown in the earth, and then after many days a fruit is harvested. But in light of faith being likened unto a seed or the idea of farming, the growing time has to be considered.

As difficult as this is to do, there is no other way around it. When I want a fishing lure, I want it today not tomorrow. When I woman eyeballs a new pair of shoes, is she content in having them next week? Trust me, if she really wants them she’ll have them tonight.

But in the realm of the spirit there are mechanisms set in place for our protection. It's called growing time. So, why this growing time? Is God just a hard head? Is he just being unreasonable? Or is there divine reasoning behind it?

According to Jesus our hearts are a two way street. “Let your light so shine”, “take heed that the light which be in you be not darkness”. And God has confined himself to working through the human heart. But do you know what? Satan is also confined to working through the heart. Now he has an advantage because he’s already in the earth (due to the fall of man). God on the other hand is trying to get back into the earth, and the great battleground is the heart.

The growing time is a buffer zone that God uses to function in the spiritual realm where #1. Satan can never beat him (us). And #2. He can preserve Christians from the affects of fickleness and unbelief. If the system worked that way we wanted it to, then Satan would be able to wipe us out in a matter of days. But this long growing time assures that the only things that truly enter into our hearts are things that we really desire or things that we obstinantly adhere to (negative things-yes they can get in there too). The whole thing is a safety mechanism whereby God in his infinite wisdom can keep us alive and happy.

Jesus taught that there is power in words and interestingly, he manifested himself as the Word of God (John 1:1). If all of the crud and expressions of the day were to REALLY take root in our hearts, we would seal a fate of doom very quickly. But be of comfort, God has set up a plan whereby we can access the “treasure of our hearts” in a deliberate way without destroying ourselves in the process. Of course the one drawback is this long time element, but if we know it going into the process then we can #1. Make sure that the things that we pray for are truly desires of the heart and not temporary whims that we all get into. And #2, we’re encouraged to be responsible thereby preparing for the future, much like Noah preparing an ark on dry land being warned by God’s Word of things yet to come. (This is the meaning of this parable: Prepare beforehand.)

This parable shows vividly this time element and it also shows the importance of preparation for the future in a godly sober manner.

God is not the author of hardship though we may think that he is in making us wait such a long time-so it seems, (we want everything yesterday) for the things that we ask for. But give the God of the heavens-the one who actually died for us the benefit of the doubt and know that he doesn’t withhold things from us, he preserves them for us. But we must figure in the time element in the growing of our faith.

If done properly we can feather a nest of blessing, security and provision over our families that terrorism or global uncertainty can never quell.

But you have to get on the front end of things and this entails preparation in the light of Gods word for the future. This is what a wise person does. A fool will always live behind the eight ball, forever reacting to unexpected visitors from the dark side in the form of circumstances not in line with the abundant life that Jesus promised all.

If done correctly, not only will our life’s structures prevail against the storms of life, but also we’ll have room for others who have not been so wise, so as to build their lives upon the word of the Almighty.

Don’t ever buy into that anger business where the adversary accuses God of making you wait as though he’s dangling a carrot in front of our faces leading us on. No, to the contrary, we’ve probably been believing things in our hearts that if he were to honor the one he would have to honor the other, and the other could possibly destroy us. God will work as advocate and counselor making up for our “ways” assuring us blessing if we but patiently harbor his promises in our hearts.

Cheer up! God’s CAUSING these things to come to pass, not impeding them. But we must hold fast his Word in our hearts liberally giving him time to work around our sin and quirks. All things considered, we serve a wonderful God that is not hard and unreasonable, but one who has all the facts, and who is our greatest ally.

So build your spiritual structures on the foundation of prayer and the believing of his word, in time you’ll be the “strong tower” that others come running to in times of a storm and destruction.

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