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I used to think that abortion was a woman's right of choice. I figured that it was her body that was expected to carry that child, so she should have the decision to keep it or abort--kill--it. And then I got a little magazine that was produced by a group called "Last Days Ministries." This was started by the late Keith Green and his wife, Melody. This magazine, printed around 1980 (I think), was entitled, "Abortion: Attitudes for Action." Though I haven't seen that little magazine in over 20 years, the title and most especially the contents, have stuck with me all this time. In there were accounts, one after another, of pregnancies that had been terminated. Babies from a couple weeks' gestation to full-term (yes, there are full-term abortions performed in this country) were shown in full color, lying dead in pools of their own blood. Accompanying these graphic images were many articles, from the mothers of these dead babies to the doctors and nurses who had provided the "service." It was not until I saw these pictures that I realized just what an abortion means: A death sentence to the child growing in the womb. Yes, it IS the woman's body that the baby is growing in. I don't dispute that she has rights over what goes on with her body. But what of the innocent little child who HAS no rights? That child didn't ask to be conceived... Now, you may laugh at the naiive way that I seem to sound. But think about it... There are bones (though not hardened at all in the early stages of pregnancy), organs, a beating heart, a brain, fingers and toes, skin, blood, nerves... and yep, goodness me, it's even FORMED like a person. It isn't a formless glob of goo or "tissue" that the abortion rights activists like to tell those seeking abortion. And last time I checked, murder is really frowned upon by our government... so how is it NOT murder when a baby is aborted? It LOOKS human, its DNA is that of a human, it has all the right parts in all the right locations... so how is it any different?

I've read many of the posts here. There are those who are angry that people would try to take away the "right" for a woman to choose. They state medical reasons, or give scenarios such as rape or incest. Now, we all know that those are really in the smaller percentage of abortions. Take a look at the stats. Most abortions are a form of birth control and nothing else. I would imagine that anyone with an ounce of compassion, when those medical reasons or other serious situations arose, would not necessarily stand on the anti-abortion platform and not see where a need was. But to invalidate the whole pro-life stand for the situations such as those mentioned is ridiculous. There are always extenuating circumstances, and those should be taken care of in a timely, quiet manner, on a case-by-case basis. Abortion SHOULD be illegal--just as illegal as murder. You can give all the "back-alley nightmare" stories you want about how many women died having abortions by unqualified persons. But that shouldn't dictate ME having to use my tax dollars to pay for abortions that are basically nothing more than birth control, and make me part and parcel in the act of murder!

On another note, I have two very close friends, both of whom had abortions when they were younger, and both of them still have nightmares about it. Horrible nightmares. Abortion is flatly... WRONG.

Thanks for letting me speak.

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