I cannot understand how people cannot see that every baby has a right to a life. There is no such thing as pro-choice. Our world is made of everyting everything being balanced. Up and down, left and right, man and women, right and wrong, good and evil, night and day, etc. There are two sides to every issue either yes or no. So you are either Pro-life. Or what is the opposite of Pro-life? PRO-DEATH. There is no choice you are either for life or for death. Human life beings at fertlilization. Just because that egg and sperm is soo small doesn't mean its not a life. When they join together that is when life begins. FOR GOD SAKES PEOPLE THAT IS A HUMAN GROWING INSIDE OF THE WOMEN NOT SOME DAMN GROWTH OR SOMETHING. Some people are soo stubid. Some people just like to sugar coat this to make themselfs feel better. They say words like Pro-choice, the "it" isn't alive yet, etc. OF COURSE ITS ALIVE!!! I MEAN ITS GROWING INSIDE OF THE WOMEN JUST BECAUSE ITS THE SIZE OF A RAIN DROP DOESN'T MEAN ITS NOT ALIVE THATS THE SIZE WE ALL WERE ONCE. since Roe v Wade over 50 MILLION babies have been killed from an abortion!!! that is more than the Holocost. World War 1 World War 2 and all of the other wars combined. Everyone has a right to a life. On the day you die i hope you pro-death people have a good reason why you support murder. When Christ asks you why? i hope you have something more to say then...UMMM ITS A WOMEN BODY? OH BY THE WAY....I WANT ALL OF YOU TO FIND A VIDEO OF AN ACTUAL THIRD-TRIMESTER ABORTION AND WATCH THE BABY BEING TORN APART. WATCH AS THE BABY TRIES TO DEFEND ITSELF. AND THEN TELL ME THAT THAT ISN'T HUMAN. THEN TELL ME YOUR STILL FOR ABORTION. WATCH THE ARMS AND LEGS AND HEAD BEING RIPPED OUT OF THE MOTHER LIKE A PARASITE...YOU ALL SHOULD BE SHAMED OF YOURSELFS. Y DON'T U LOOK AT YOUR CHILDREN AND SAY..."YOU ARE JUST A CHOICE, YOUR ALIVE ONLY BECAUSE YOU WERE CONVENIENT FOR ME AT THE TIME. I COULD HAVE KILLED YOU IF I WANTED TOO" Y NOT JUST SAY THAT TO YOUR KIDS CAUSE THATS THE VALUE YOU PUT ON LIFE SINCE YOUR PRO-DEATH...

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