whatever Abortion-USA

ok here it is pull your square heads out of your round asses
think of it this way, would any of you want to be held accountable if your neighbor killed somebody?????i know i wouldnt, well why hold an innocent child accountable if the childs father is a rapist? its not that LIVING SOULS fault for anything anyone else does and should not be punished. as for teenage girls getting abortions, DONT HAVE SEX!!!!!!!!! hello....why do you think back when times were mostly good women WAITED till they were married to have sex, then the baby wouldnt be un-wanted....make sense? i think so...finally why is an un-born child any different than one who is already born?...i have 3 sons 2 with autism, wouldnt get an abortion then, wouldnt do it know that i know either, i would die to save the life of any of my children, why would the un-born one be any different..medical reasons or whatever the case may be, that child has a reason and a purpose and im damn sure positive its reason and purpose wasnt just so some dumb ass selfish idiot could rip its limbs off till it died or deliver it breach till the head then suck its brains out...i cant believe some monster would use the intelligence god gave him/her to create something as brutal and sad as abortion, id really like to be there the day that person faces god on their JUDGEMENT DAY ..and for ALL those babies who were tortured and burned and brutally murdered my heart goes out to you

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