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I myself never have or ever will have an abortion, whether the pregnancy was planned or not, I couldn't do it to my own child, but at the same time I believe that everyone has the choice to do as they wish to they're own bodies and that no one has the right to tell them, just as no one has the right to tell you how to live or what you should watch on tv or what you should eat or say, or what your sexual preference is, gay people have the right to be together cause no one not even this so called god has the right to tell people how and who to love, yes I believe abortion is disgusting and horrible, and women should make better choices then that, I also believe that if your gonna have sex without protection then your just asking for trouble, and not just getting pregnant but with STD's as well, HIV and AIDS is spreading so fast because people are so stupid, we criticise other countries because we see these infomercials about all these kids who have no food or clothing or education and are dying everyday because of illnesses and starvation, but look at our own country, we aren't any better, we have gangs and drive-bys, rape and homicide, incest and abuse, we have all this technology and so much money that we too are no better then a third world country. And no one cares, we have access to birth control and yet no one uses it. We have so many people living here from all over the world that now we have terrorists killing us. Our government is so concerned with other countries and how they are governing their own country that we butt in and start wars. No one here gives a damn about their own country or trying to protect it. Everyone just wants to kill kill kill and yet no one does anything. Why should women of any age care whther they are killing their own kid when EVERYONE in this country is already doing it to other people and get away with it? Women get raped everyday and NO ONE CARES!!! The men who do it get away with it and are still out there doing it again and again. And as long as men are pigs which they all are and cheat and spread more diseases and shit then anyone one women on earth then there are going to be women out there who don't want to have to give bith to a bastard child just so it can be in the system of this rotten country who doesnt give a damn about it and let it as well be raped and poor. Wake up people, stop being fucking stupid, goto work make your own money stop blaming other people for your own stupidity, mind your own damn buisness since no one in this country knows how, stop having unprotected sex, get married and stop fucking getting divorced, stop fucking cheating on your spouces, fucking TRY to make this country better and stop making WORSE, its all of your who make this world fucking suck. GET OFF WELFARE AND GET A LIFE ALREADY!! GOD DAMN!! but I have no doubt we will all burn in hell in the end, but at least try and make life better in the mean time and wake the fuck up. PLEASE??

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