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there are so many people on this who are saying "i support abortion..what if the child ends up living in poverty?" that the kids fault? no. there IS the shot, birth control, birth control patch, morning after pill, condoms..but yet everyone on here who supports it makes it seem like its NOT the moms fault. even though if its rape, just think of how happy that baby would be when it grew up to know that it's mother didn't kill it. i have a friend who got put up for adoption when she was a little baby and now is in a loving home. her mom was 16 when she had her and she tells me how thankful she is that her mom let her live. wouldnt you want that pride to go in you? if i had an abortion and saw my kid after, i'd have to shoot myself. its the most saddest sight ever and maybe the few week old fetus' dont feel it, but the older ones do. they came to you to be loved, and you go and murder them. and DON'T tell me its not murder..if someone came up to you and tore off your arms and legs or poisoned you, THAT'S murder, so how come abortion isnt? i'm sure its REALLY nice to know that your own mother didnt want you (unless for medical reasons).

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