Its so F***ing stupid Abortion-USA

Hi, I'm 18, and pregnant. I became unexpectedly, and did not plan on it, and strangely, the first thing that came to mind was, to abort. But it occured to me, is to why I thought of that. I'm only 18, but I am not aborting, it's stupid, not right, and murder. I believe if you are pregnant, either young, or it was a mistake, don't abort it. Put it up for adoption, or protect, or don't have sex at all. Alot of my friends tell me to abort, it will ruin my life, but I don't believe so. I love the fact that I will be bringing in a new life into the world, a vision of me...and I don't believe woman have the "right" to abort there child, they forget, it's not just theres. And why not have a memorial to the aborted children? See how stupid people are, see how wrong it is...I have miscarried before, and seeing your childs dead, lifeless body, how could you not feel upset about that? Realizing, that child will never see life, or have a chance. I know I miscarried and not aborted, but it's the same feeling, feeling it's your fault, well you know, if you abort, it IS your fault. But I also have to address the fact, abortions should happen at some rare moments. If you are sick, and have no chance of having a life child birth, or cancer, and that all makes sense and is reasonable, would you rather give birth to a dead child knowing very well that was going to happen...or...let it pass on...and not feel the pain. Those are the ONLY times I think it should be done, and even then, I am hesitent, but it is for the best...ONLY then. But being a child yourself and pregnant, or it was an oops, thats not reasonable, never will be, I hope that abortions will one day stop. And I will be a part of that. Sorry this was so long, but I had to say it all...

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