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I'd just like to say that before you people condemn the actions of girls and women, think about what you say. Because it is easy for people to say that abortion is wrong and evil if you've never been in that situation before. Women abort their babies for many different reasons. By judging every woman on their actions in terms of abortion, you judge every single case there has ever been. Do you really expect a woman with HIV to willingly give birth and raise a child, who's life ahead of them is full of pills and treatment and pain, alongside a short life expectancy. Many women also are not able to look after children, for whatever reason. Some women are as young as 14 when they find out they are pregnant. What kind of life would that be for the girl? Or more importantly, what kind of life would that be for the baby? If the girl feels that she and her body are too young for the baby, then she shouldn't be forced to have it. Plus, if abortion were made illegal, think about the rise in population. So many women get abortions each year, think about the rise in numbers if they didn't. You people have no right to sit and judge, with your upward glances and all. I bet most of you have never had the emotional strain of an unwanted child, and how it affects the person in question. Shame on you for thinking about what seems right as long as you're comfortable, and not what seems best for these emotionally-strained girls, who are frightened, afraid and guilty. And 'Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone', just shows you that you are free to judge if you yourself have never sinned. If that's not the case, stay silent, keep your opinions to yourself, and think about some of the poor women and girls who have to go through this, unlike yourselves. This websites gruesome propaganda doesn't shift my opinion, and you who form opinions by the bloodstained jpgs are very easily influenced and need to get a mind of your own. I wonder if this website would be so successful in swaying opinions if there were no pictures. To be honest I think they are most likely fake, as babies fingers and toes do not develop that fully in such early stages. And for all you christians who say that it is morally wrong and that God condemns it, well just think about all the things you do which God must also condemn. Think about your sins, about all the things wrong in your lives instead of trying to forget about them by reading the bible and moaning about abortion. You people cannot condemn anyone. You're the ones who read a book (the bible) which states that all homosexual persons should be stoned to death. I suppose now you see why so many people abandon the religion. Morals all in the wrong place...

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