give it a break Abortion-USA

People on here preaching about adoption need to put a foot in their mouth on that subject. Yes, their are adoption facilities available for any unwanted children but how many of you are doing ANYTHING about finding them a suitable home? Who here? Not a damn one of you from what I can tell.

70% of adopted children are white
the ideal age of a child to be adopted is 1 to 5 years old

What about the others? Jesus, you preach so much but don't know the facts. You don't know the half of the story.

And you come to this site with its religious signs? Each aborted child has a flowered cross above it. And I find it all pathetic and insulting. It's as if you believe you are the only good christians because you are against this 'mass murder'. What about the mass murder Bush has put America into? The same man against this 'mass murder' you preach blindly against.

The majority of people against abortion are catholtic. Why don't you take a guess at which country has the highest percentage of abortions. It's Italy, the Pope's home country! Why don't you run to the Pope for answers on that little mystery, also considering the majority of the population of Italians are Catholic.

I'm not entirely sure what to say to you preachers. It seems to me the idea of outlawing abortion can only lead to dangerous illegal operations. The outlaw won't stop the surgery. Why then, can't we make the operation as safe as possible? So we can protect the living mother?

And what in hell is that post about the baby's point of view? Neurons do not become present until the 11th week. The nervous system is so under-developed that the fetus is completely incapable of feeling anything, whether pain or anything else. That post only trys to make the surgery seem barbaric and inhuman. I find that highly insulting to the intelligence of everyone on both sides. Then again, I suppose that's what your youth group has been teaching you is what happens.

To give the fetus the same rights as the mother is not only demeaning to women, what does it say the about the government system? They hold the life of something incapable of un-supported life the equal to a fully grown women? That's pathetic and horrible to think about. That law would merely push back the advancement of women even farther.

And why do you come on to this site and call it a fetus if you are arguing it is a living human being, which a fetus by definition is not? That's hypocritical but what should I come to expect on a site like this?

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