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I guess being Australian, I might be out of order commenting here, being American and all. But I was just looking around the web for a "real video" or somthing of an actual obortion, to post at a web site I frequent, instead of falling into the circular trap of arguement with those who call themselves "right to choice" (pro obortion).

I found your site here, and just felt moved to make a short testimony of the story of my wife's encounter with obortion, or close to it.

My wife and I are 40, and have been togather for about 16 years all up now. I've known Karen since she was 15, but we didn't become familiar in any real way until much later. Neither of us were Christian until just 6 or 7 years ago.

Karen concieved her first child at 13 years old. She gave birth at 14. Her parents were mortified of it all, in spite of the fact that it was thier insistance her boyfriend share her bed when he slept over, to save space!

No blame needed anyway, it's far to positive a story for that.

Karen was kicked out of home at 14. When she could no longer keep her pregnancy secret (which she herself didn't understand until she was "showing". She was just too young and un-educated to know). Karen was given the ultimatum of obortion or surrendering the child to adoption. She choose neither and I myslef will never know the confusion, fear , uncertainty she felt as everyone spoke words to her like "the child will never amount to anything, this will ruin your life, you're too young..." Karen's love for her unborn child overcame all this, to the extent that even when she came home from school one day, to find all her possesions on the footpath, and no-one to let her in the house or even talk to; she still continued unfaltering to have her baby and care for it.

Through the time of her life she needed support more than ever, during a time that people twice her age become depressed and crave the love of family, karen suffered homelessness, she was used like a slave by a family claiming to "take her in", and right to the day she had her baby still fought against the efforts of all , from family to doctors to kill the child while it was still possible, and then when older; to discard it.

Karen even had a time in hospital after giving birth where it looked like a child adoption agency might just take the baby right under her nose.

At 14 she was all alone, everyone she should have had to support her had turned on her, and wanted anything but for karen to keep that baby. They were all convinced that at 14 she simply could not raise the baby.

karen stuck to her knowledge of what was right. Never having spent a day in church, she knew in her heart what was right.

That child is now in her mid 20s, has a degree in computer marketing in businesses. Has a carreer, and has no idea how close to never existing she came. She's a brilliant young woman; far better a person through her life than I was at relevant ages, she has always been polite, well beahved, considerate, freindly...Karen raised her with these qualities, in spite of their absence toward herslef from those that should have helped her in every way. Karen is my hero in many ways.

Years later Karen and I faced a time where we both had extreme pressure put onto us to obort our unborn son. They (specialist doctors) convinced us he would be deformed, or retarded. Karen could die giving birth they told us, and the very least we could expect is a life of struggle with a sickly, mentally troubled child.

Karen had formed a blood clot in her womb, blocking the life moving through her umbilical chord. Karen had almost miscarried with excessive bleeding, and it was a fight of fights to stop the medical staff from perfoming a "curet" at that early stage, just 8 weeks. This struggle with the doctors continued right up until he was born, causing so much anxiety and stress it was insane. I had nightmares of karen doeing giving birth to a child I would never be able to care for properly. Karen had her own nightmares to contend with. The doctors contnued to bombard us with these scenarios well after we convinced them we wouldnt be terminating the baby's life.

Our son James is 14 now, fit, healthy, quick witted. The captain of his football team no less. He;s even a charming looking bloke if I might add such a superficial statement.

The birth was uncomplicated (well as uncomplicated as they can be), with karen facing nothing even remotly life threatening. James was the heaviest of Karen's three children, denying the "facts" that we were told he would be severely underweight, and sick.

This all happened in an era of modern medicine, doppler scans (?), the imaging equipment used to examine babies in the womb, measure them, count the hairs of their head almost. Still, and I mean no disrespect; they were completely wrong, and we would have killed a pefectly healthy wonderful son.

Many years after these experineces, we were Born Again, and believe now in hindsight that God had blessed Karen's resolve to do the right thing, even though she at that time didn't know the Lord. I wonder how many children have been killed, in complete confidence the child was deofmed, or not able to live normally somehow?

Anyway, just somthing I've seen happen over the years...


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