urgent prayer with fasting Abortion-USA

Praise the lord Mait,
> I Greet you in the mighty name of jesus christ.Really our lord jesus
> christ is a wonderful lord who loves us and protect us in all
> circumstances. Paster like you I am the son of jesus christ obviously
> we belong to the royal family isinted because our father is royal of
> royal jesus christ .This is alex.i am 19 year old.i am beleaver of
> jesus christ.i have always send a mail to every prayer tower all
> around the world concerning my work issues.Actually their is a
> massive problem where i am working. I am working in the christian
> voice radio station as a international breakfast radio presenter
> obviously the voice radio is the world no 1 biblical radio ministry
> where we preached to billions of people all around the world through
> radio transmission and through internet .Really its a great
> priveledge for us to work in this big place.i havent think in my life
> about the voice .At the moment i am in trouble I am in a red sea
> situation i am in a bad days bible says donot make two fathers or be
> hot or be cold in summarising .i am hot beleaver and my father is one
> jesus christ obviously God already used me for his work in a
> different way outside of my thinking against slavery against
> hypocrisy against false profit. but a spritual man can understand
> spritual things .i know you understand me but i am in trouble even
> than god told me i am with you noone can touch your hair even than my
> faith loses anyway please pray for my radio station that god give us
> good management because its a god ministry.and ofcourse we need good
> management for this type of ministry because their is a lots of money
> involve in the voice .but our management is not really good . god
> knows i am to be honest with you i have got a line manager and his
> wife in the voice named as follows danny choranji and narinder
> choranji actually narinder is programme co-ordinator danny and his
> wife are hypocrite everyone in the voice r not happy with this couple
> perhaps danny thinks everyone are his slave its true because of danny
> almost many worker left the voice included one paster paul johnson
> currently many people told me danny is not a good man its true he ate
> the offering of the church if by mistaken someone asked about
> offering issue danny kicked them out of the church he really kicked
> many member out of his church.i gurantee he and his wife involves in
> radio money aswell he is the big evil pillar in the voice.i mean many
> chaps told me he involves in black magic aswell.At the moment noone
> comes to his church because he is not a good man .its mindblowing
> after sending mail to every prayer tower they goes their will
> something happened in the voice.result or in other word after that
> this stabbed incident happened i ve got three wounds at my back i am not well even i am happy .u know what god told me this incident
> is from me and god showed these verses to me Isaiah 41;9-13 Many god
> fearing man says the same its from god the time of the expose of
> dewell is coming soon .its true this is the war between the right and
> evil if god is with me who shall against us.i have to go to court on
> next month because of this work please pray for me everyday with
> fasting with your all prayer partners or with your church with
> burden. i am in seroius trouble i promise to god if god take me out
> from this problem i will start his ministry[hungry miinistry] in
> india .i know their is power in prayer. prayer can change the
> situation and circumstances Its written in the bible if you bind
> something on earth their wiill be bound in heaven obviously if you
> loose something on earth their will be loosed in heaven. please pray
> for my situation that god sortout in his way i know i am right in the
> sight of god aswell god is with me because he loves .i am in a big
> trouble please pray for me with fasting with burdon everyday that god
> give me victory against evil once more time a spritual man can
> understand spritual things .dewell is under our feet .please take
> this serious and pray for me on 8/4/04 i have to go ot court please pray that god give me victory .remember me in your prayer i need your
> prayer with burdon for my situation remember me in your prayer that
> god give me victory.
> God Bless
> Alex Allen[kuki]
> International breakfast radio presenter
> alex@thevoiceasia.com
> alexandera@accamail.com
> mobile number;07734925052,07729417600,07732588695
> Home number or land line;01216812574
> support number;0121-2241614
> work number;01215201653
> Address;6 rectory grove winson green
> b18 5sg birmingham united kingdom[uk]
> work adress ;21unit charles street
> b700ay west bromwich birmingham united kingdom[uk]

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