TV is a part of why adults and teens kill.

  Posted by GM on Saturday, May 28 11:06 pm

Reality vs. TV

There are more than five violent scenes in a n hour of prime time, and five murders a night.

There are 25 violent acts an hour in Saturday morning cartoons. (Stossel, 1997)

A survey by the Center for Media and Public Affairs that looked at all programming, including cable, in Washington, D.C., on April 7, 1994, counted 2,605 acts of violence that day, and the majority occurring early in the morning. (Stossel, 1997)

The average American child will have seen more than 8,000 murders and 100,000 other violent acts on television by the time he finishes elementary school (Stossel, 1997)

Dennis Howitt reported that 26% of crime stories reported in the newspaper were about murder, and murder only represented 0.2% of all crimes committed. Theft stories covered 3% of the criminal activity reported and actually made up 36% of reported crimes. (Reber, Chang 2000)


In March 1998 in Los Angeles County there were 67 murders, 175 rapes and 4, 042 aggravated assaults. The Los Angeles times misrepresented the proportion of crimes reporting 24 murders, 3 rapes, and 39 assaults.

Americans spend fully one third of their free time with television.


It still happens every day. abortion is murder... and Approximately 1,370,000 abortions occur annually in the U.S. according to the Alan Guttmacher Institute.

THE WORD, "Abrotion" is just a coverup word for - MURDER.

Whats your opinion??

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TV is a part of why adults and teens kill

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