Posted by kerry-g on Saturday, October 18 3:05 pm

For all who are unaware of the fact - television is an image of modern civilisation, and there are people out there called secular atheists, those who believe in modern civilisation and its teachings rather than in Christ and the teachings of his church. When a secular atheist turns on his television set he is seeing an image of the god he worships, namely modern civilisation, he sits before it, gets the stock market reports, and catches up on the football scores, or the ball game, or some show he likes to watch, he is interacting with his god, this is all he lives for, the system, he is a child of the system, a secular system whose image is both alive and speaks - so come on America - see this thing in its true light, this is not a moral issue, and if it were it would be up to the individual to regulate television habbits, I can understand the Miss World contest may make a few of us males want to look - but that is not the issue - the real issue is that television is not entertainment and news, its a pagan idol!

That is why we must rise up and smash our televisions publically - to say to this world we have had all we are taking of its nonsense - Christ is at the very door, the gospel message is nearing the end of its global journey, the image of the beast is in our homes, the mark of the beast is coming, it is only 15-20 years before a cashless economy will begin to be a necessity, we must rise up now before it is too late, we must take action to kick this beast in the teeth - this world that looks so good but when you dig a little deeper you find that slimey serpent there, always there. That television set you are watching is a pagan idol - smash it today, invite the media round and tell them why, invite your friends to do the same, lets all have a television smashing day, an international day when all christians come out of their homes armed with hammers and carrying their television sets to a central place, put on a sausage sizzle and invite the press to see hundreds of televisions smashed and hundreds of Christians set free to spend their time with their families and their God - this action more than any other will show the world that we are not taking anymore.

Soon after the media back-lash will occur - but that is why God put us her did He not - to deal with these neo-pagans with our lives and blood if needed, and not using violence, but our own bodies in subjection to Gods will- let them see what rebellion really looks like - advertisers and media barons will grit their teeth and hate us just as the pagan idol makers hated the Apostels for wrecking their businessin the early church times, so again today we must face the roar of the masses against Christ, and standing our ground we will win, even if we die we win!

Come on America, home of the brave, this is the big one, it is approaching rapidly now, you can see it - we can all see it, neo-paganism, not the Pope, not the UN or the EU, but modern neo-pagan civilisation, that is the enemy we must fight, the world, it has always been the world, but some have misdirected us to point at our Catholic or other brothers and sisters, and in looking there we missed the real beast, this modern world! And its image, which must be smashed if we are to arise at all, and I say we must arise now, time is runinig out fast!

Let's discuss this more - please comment on what I have written. I have a package I can email to anyone showing what i say is true - if you want that package - email me today - I will need an address to send it so be sure to include your email address.

Remember this is war - we have been deceived, so don't sit around wondering about this too long, Christ is calling us to battle, do you hear the sound of His call?

God bless you all, and America too!


EMAIL - kerry_vg2000@YAHOO.COM.AU

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