About Revelation

  Posted by Selam on Tuesday, November 14 1:11 pm

Hi Everyone
I like to share my oppenion with you

On revelation BABILION is todays America, so the woman in red close is, the statue Liberty, The Beast with 7 head is G-7 country, other beast from water is UK. So many mountain are the country whom follow USA. Anrichrist is Whom Jews awaiting for he will be appear in Jews, First time He will claim that he is the Messia and prophet, he will be lider of hipnoz magical group like Kabala. After he will do lots of ilusion and he will claim that he is a GOD. Most of jews will be bleive him and will follow him. From the East 144000 people with turban white clothes are not jews In the East people with turban and white clothes are Muslim.

The Lamb is the Mahdi : He is from our prophet generation, he will be very normal person and he will be Khalife pope of Islam and he will live the Islam like first time. Than he will join with prophet Jesus, Together they will fight against to Anti christ and yopgog mogog. The Mahdi he wont be claim that he is something and he wont do any miracles, but he will warn Muslim & christian about antichrist.

Prophet JESUS : He went to God level when he was 33 years old and he is not dead, he will return
same age as 33. He will got married and have kids, first time he will have 12 folowers and they will start to do preaching to do world, not much people will believe him at the begining. Some true believer will know him and join with him,
Prophet Jesus Looks : He will be the man middle hight (1.70 cm to 175 ) He will have havently face and he will be so kind and gentle, some people may thing in this day&age he is to kind..He will have on his face some moles, long dark brown hair and at the chin beard will be slightl long some grey.He will come to Suriya to Emevi Mousque. ( I love prophet Jesus ) Him and his colleague will use this word a lot "SELAM" remeber when you hear som group of people use this word go find them because Porphet Jesus PUB will be with them

The Beast mark he will mark the people on their righthand side or left hand side, left is bad right is good. The mark will be like smooth mole,

Yogog & Mogog : Are the chinese people and mongolians, when they come as a capitalist goverment than they will attack the world. They will very dangerius.

The Muslims are awaiting Prophet Jesus and the Mehdi to join them, The christian awaiting prophet Jesus to return, Jews awaiting to their Messia coming whom they believed from David generation.

For my oppenion all of them are in the earth but none of them knew whom they are themself yet or none of them has task yet by God. Now you may have ask me how do I know all this : Well my friend since last for years I have change a lot and I have seen so many dreams, I have never before, I have seen Prophet jesus, prophet moses, revelation book and so on..God knows.
My Allah and yours Allah bless us all.
Thank you for your time & kind regards

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