First and second Beast

  Posted by Ana Erie on Thursday, May 22 1:53 pm

Well I wish I had found your website a few years ago because up until now I thought I was the only person in the world who suspected that television had to be the first beast. I suspect the computer is the second beast, since the Bible indicates that the second beast will exercise all the power of the first beast. You can watch television, movies and get the news on a computer just like you can a TV plus a whole lot more.

However I do realize that the 13th chapter of Revelation is very complex and not all of us can translate ancient hebrew so we have trusted those who can and it is not above the realm of possibilities that some things were lost in translation.

I think we are missing the point and fail to recognize what Revelation 13 warns us everyone on the planet will be doing. We will all be worshipping the beast without even knowing it.

And it was given to him to make war with the saints,
and to overcome them: And power was given him over
all kindreds, and tongues and nations.
Revelation 13:7

There is not any human being I know of today that has power over every nation, remember that there are many definitions for the word power. Influence, Authority, and the ability to control others are just a few.

Do you honestly think a single Jew could influence a Muslim nation or a single Muslim influence Israel? Has the Pope influenced either religions to convert to catholicism? Religion is what seperates us and has for thousands of years and no where in the Bible does it say that in the end days we will all become the same religion and worship the same God.

What it does say is that The most common influence among all nations today is the Computer and the TV.

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