Posted by kerry-g on Saturday, October 18 1:00 pm

Dear Jimmy D

Been reading your feelings about television - congratualtions on your spiritual insight - you may not believe it, but television is the image
of the beast - notice everyone has one?

Why do you think television is here Jimmy? What does it portray? Why the man of sin of course, I take it you know who he is, right?

Beware Television - it is not just entertainment and news - it is an image
of modern civilisation, secular atheists worship modern civilisation - they believe in and live by its teachings rather than in Christ and the teachings of His Church - what they replace Christ with is clearly their god, hence they worship modern civilisation, and television is an image of their god!

Soon - check your nations census data - secular atheists will form a majoiity in all developed nations, then television Jimmy will be used for its real purpose - to speak propaganda, anti-christian propaganda, resulting in laws being enacted to execute all Christians, particularly those who stand up against the system and tell it to its neo-pagan face that it is the AntiChrist, the Beast of Revealtion, and that television is its electronic pagan idol - how do you think the state and the media barons will react to that news?

Television Jimmy - you got that right brother, so I thought I would give you some more to digest, and when you have, please post me a reply, I will check back regularly to see what you think, and for that matter what alll readers think - its time we Christians discussed this issue of television and determined what we should do about it - whadda ya say mate?

We aussies hear a lot about you hot-shot yank Christians, so just how hot are you? Cause I'm boiling myself, and looking for a beast to kick-a** for God. I wanna start a fight with the devil, I have the info - if you want it
its 25 pages - guaranteed to blow you away - guaranteed to show you a reality you never realised, yet could always see - the real meaning of Revelation 13 - want a copy free?

Come one America - we got business together - its not Saddam this time,
its Satan - I have the boots, and I will share them with you, so lets kick his a**!

Sorry if my language is offensive - just expressing that Aussie fighting spirit, we aint a big nation, but we never back down from anyone, and we have serious business with the Devil, and by the look of the CNN news reports we see here - you yanks have a few scores to settle too, so lets stop cringing from the devil - its our turn now - you in or what?

God bless and please pray for me as I will for you.



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