Posted by Emmanuel Joseph on Monday, April 18 8:51 pm

In order to be relevant in todays world you have to agree that churches have adapted.If you were to stick to the regiments during the time of the Apostles, or even during the time of Polycarp, we'd all be wearing robes and worshipping in homes; and to practising communal living(They sold all they had and placed the money at the feet of the Apostles....)

Let's get Real ok?This site is a little more polite than, and the homophobic rhetoric is much toned down.However, I would like to say that as Christians, we should not be promoting hatred towards homosexuals,or any one quarter that is different from us, however strong our convictions are, or however strong our biblical justification is.Leviticus contains a lot of old standards that we no longer enforce.I do not know if homosexuality is acceptable by Jesus or not.....but I do know...Jesus would want us to hate the sinner, not the sin.Conqueor with Love not with Hate.

Pray for them if you believe what they are doing is wrong,and tell them your opinion, share your convictions with them, but ultimately free will was granted to us by God.

And TV being Evil?Come on.....what are Televengalists?How about programs on Christianity? If you are suggesting a live telecast of John Paul 2's funeral is morally wrong...then I believe sir, you are woefully misguided.TV, Like the Internet is a source of both wholesome knowledge and damaging revelations.We must trust that God has given us humans the intellect to discern.Saying television is evil is an insult to human intellect.Your statement is nothing short of red herring; as you are suggesting we should NOT be allowed to choose right from wrong.

Jesus loved all.So must we.Gloria in Excelsis, Omnipotens Deo.

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