Mark of the Beast

  Posted by Elliott on Wednesday, December 31 12:15 pm

The only way the VeriChip will be implanted in human bodies is that United States experience another 9/11. The mark of the beast was uncover during 9/11. Security is a major issue for World governments. Forcing the issue of terror will force the citizens of the world to recieve the mark of the beast. Monitoring systems are here such as the EU galileo satelite system and the U.S. GPS system. The EU satilite system is more advance than U.S. GPS. With the EU 30 GPS satelites, there nowhere to run or hide. The EU satelites will be operational in 2005. Last Word, The EU wants the U.S. to fall to terror. The EU said "Theres only one country that is stopping us (THE EU) from becoming a SuperPower" (United States.) Proof (France and Germany's strong policy against the war in Iraq.) The Bush administration no all about the EU objectives. One to speek with one voice at the United Nations. MY opinion, the republicans of the U.S. will fight the AntiChrist and the Democrats will give power unto the beast. Just look how our nation is divide in the last election Bush stole.

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Mark of the Beast
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