Investing? Mark of the Beast?

  Posted by Denny Aleksuk on Friday, October 3 2:42 pm

I’m putting this in the form of a kind-hearted challenge. I hear a lot of people saying negative things about a quality companies such as Digital Angel or Applied Digital it’s parent company. All because of this supposed “mark of the beast technology”.

Has anybody ever considered that they might be harboring an attitude contrary to the heart of Jesus Christ? A few things to consider: #1. The end times program doesn’t start until according to the apostle John, Jesus takes a book out of the right hand of he who sits on the throne-the father-and looses the seals thereof. Have you noticed the celebration taking place at the time? People falling on their faces and saying worthy is- the lamb to receive glory and honor etc. What on earth could cause such a raucous celebration? Maybe the opening of the book of life? Now remember, a lot of people who believe in the pre-tribulation rapture, believe that they will be attending this event. So what is this wonderful book? It’s the book of JUDGEMENT! Now are you saying that it’s a bad thing, what Jesus is doing at this time when he says (paraphrased) enough is enough, I’ve had grace upon you for one long time, and now it’s time for you to reap what you have sown? Are you saying that he doesn’t have the right to enforce the laws of heaven that have always existed? Believe it or not and yes this is going to shock you, according to the central themes found in the bible, the book of Revelation is a good thing. Yes, and so is the tribulation. It’s a time when God says ok you smartsy, smartsy people. You’ve kicked me out of your schools, you’ve kicked me out of you government, you’ve kicked my out of society. Well guess what? I’m leaving. And I’m taking my kids with me! And when I’m gone you’ll get your God to your liking alright. A man who claims to be God anyway. But this doesn’t happen until Jesus says that it can happen. And if at that time God says that masses will be destroyed by baby diapers, what is that to us? It’s his business not ours. And just because baby diapers are used we don’t have to regard them as wicked and Satanic in the mean time.

Technology is a GOOD thing. It makes life easier, we have more free time. I love getting instant cash vs. standing in a teller lobby. And even if this technology IS “mark of the beast technology” which I’m not that convinced of yet, I would have no problem utilizing it in the now, if I needed to. The bad thing about the mark is that you endorse the kingdom of Anti-Christ. But at this time, nobody is doing it for that reason.

Look, Jesus said that there is a snare that is set for this world. And yes I believe that were soooo close. A snare is something snaps shut in an instant of time, but until that happens; inversely esteeming things wicked or bad is a cheap way of getting out of having a scriptural answer for those who ask.

#2. I don’t see what a mark, a number or the emblem of his kingdom (the anti-Christ) etched in the hand or forehead has to do with a computer chip. Now, we know that no man may buy or sell without this mark and that tells us that it’s probably more advanced then a permanent stamp. But these people who KNOW that this is THE technology are taking liberties that they shouldn’t. Yeah, it just might be mark of the beast technology. But you can’t hang your hat on that! Might be?

#3. You know, and I know, that what everybody is wondering is, IF this IS that technology, and the bible does SEEM to support that this technology-whatever it is-will be global, would we have any business investing in it? Don’t get mad, your thinking it already. Personally I feel that only a fool wouldn’t. There again IF we could know. And I’m the one who questioned if it really is. Oh, but you say, “money is the root of all evil”. No, “the LOVE of money is the root f all evil”. We need to take off the religious eyeglasses. Satan doesn’t want Christians having money because it makes life easier and more burden free-the lifestyle that Mark chapter four says the word flourish’s in. He wants you to loose money not make it. So you know he’s going to inspire every person unschooled in the word to tell you how pathetic you are for even thinking such a thing. But if you consider these facts it might become clearer.

Technology is not inherently bad. And during the tribulation hour practically everything turns bad. Meteors crashing to earth, demon locusts, plagues, the sun, the water, the ozone. Just because something goes bad at this time-FOR A REASON, that doesn’t make technology an evil thing.

These things are to happen because Jesus, who has been given authority, takes ownership of the things near and dear to the heart of the father. And until HE looses those seals, there is no anti-Christ rise, no apocalypse and no mark of the beast. Just understand that Jesus isn’t doing them, he’s merely allowing the human race to bring destruction upon themselves due to unwillingness to repent.

But IF we could know that this IS mark of the beast technology (which we don’t), would it be wrong to invest in something that God says is going to happen? Wall street analysts look at every kind of ratio, trend, and factor to determine an investment’s potential. Are Christians wrong in hearkening unto scripture for a God endorsed glimpse of the future, for the sake of making wise investments with their money? The word says acknowledge the lord in all thy ways and he shall direct thy path. Wouldn’t it show faith to act in accordance with scripture even in investing? This could be a blessing for those who truly honor God vs. the spirit of religion.

As for me, I would have to see more to deem this the technology that the book of Revelation speaks of. However if it was, not only would I feel justified in investing in it, I would encourage any Christian who would listen to do likewise. Only a fool would trust worldly analysts in preference to the word of God.

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