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  Posted by ems on Sunday, February 8 9:43 am

quote : "EU galileo satelite"

thats true, they needed to resort to a system thats not removable because they have already experienced people tearing down the Cell phone Antennas with (Blow torches) in Britain and other countries because they are very concerned about thier health. Parents in Britain and Spain often picket schools and city halls to have the cell towers removed (off the school roof). Do a search on BBC website under Mobile, MAST or Antenna.

So why does North America not do this? or do they and we just dont hear much about it? Yes, the second one. Media such as newspaper is funded by Cellular provider's advertising - so they are careful what local news stories they post (they try to avoid bad mouthing thier clients). There are plenty of stories online that tell us the same is going on here too. Our health is declining and fast - mostly due to constant radiation exposure. One last point, satelights or not, EMF radiation is still a problem - thats why the chips, even though they do not have a Battery, but rather an EMF COIL that gathers energy from the human (or animal) and powers the chip with the emf.
There are PUBLIC medical test results showing the effects of the chip. the same goes for cellular phones. The tests that are available for phones are funded by the Cell phone industry, in other words they doctor thier own health reports. See ABC News Cell phones. So the point is... the recently DOUBLED power coil and doubled antenna in the next wave of chips is going to be twice the risk. No true studies are available to see how much this effects our health, because they dont want to mess up thier plan of using these chips. the cellular industry is just part of it, but its the big lid on a garbadge can that should have made the curb years ago.

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