the mark

  Posted by mathew on Friday, December 26 2:43 am

i have not been a trully good christen in my life and there is alwase room for me to improve on how i deal with my fellow man one way i do it is by listening to people and what they have to say, the other thing i do is i talk to older people people that i feel have the wisdom to look beyond the socil norm of what is accepted and what isnt. i talk to my grand father because i love to hear about his child hood and what he has to say about the happenings of the world as it aplies today. one thing i talked to him about was this adsx company and what he thought of it. he told me that when the socal securety number was introduced it was never ment to be a form of identification that it was only ment fo r the benifits you wher suposed to recive at the time of retiement age. now you have to have it for anything from geting a job to buying services such as phone, internet, electricity, water an not to mention that you also need it for buying a house, a car, putting your children thru school and getting a job you now use your socle secruity card for a second form of I,D this mark would "natuily" be the next step all it would trully take id for adsx to make a deal with the goverment to have everyone have this chip rather than a card. think about how we have as people as christens aloud for a numbering system for us to be put in place. by my beleif there wher lines drown a long time ago and now they are being crossed. we can not stop this from happening nor should we! i say this because the bible has phrohisesd that it will happen therefor it should happen. but and i say but remain tru to yourself remain tru to god and educate your children and your neibor dont take this volenterly nor be forced to take it for fear of starvation. stand fast and hold on becasue the lord will provide what is needed when needed we my not get what we want but we will get what we need. like i said befor i was never a good chriten and by definition i realy dont know what a good christen is because we all have anger inside of us we show it when someone cuts us off on the freeway we show it when we are trying to get a parking spot at the mall and someone rushes in to the spot befor us. everyday we feel rage pull at us and to deny it we forget that we are christens first.
are rage are anger should not controll are behavior nor are humanity. remember god can see the two differant faces.


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