Posted by Zlatan on Saturday, May 31 5:22 pm

Damn!!! I just read (almost) all of the previous posts and I must say - You are fanatics!!! I cannot comprehend that amount of ignorance that I have red in past few (hundred) lines...

True Christians died in 1300s - when Bible was made... after that the "good book" (as you Catholics call it) was a subject of intense rewritings and interpretations - and all of you "explorations" is made just on version of the book that is in your hands... that is just pathetic. Isus Hrist (Jesus “Messiah” Christ) wasn't an American (nor Serbian or Italian) and the moral of the bible itself was made for that times only... The first apostles were the only twelve people who carried the true and authentic message to the world, everything after that just become commercial and economic interest to this day (May 31, 2008) – Intense efforts to justify Bibles relevance to today’s lifestyle, moral values and anything else that’s different from the days when (so-called) Christ lived, forces Catholics (and Vatican) to change and adopt (just to remain on top of the things and times) – and that led just to hypocritical distortion of the original message itself... My understanding is that (and that is not a secret these days) the Vatican is the money making machine that will destroy everything in its way that stops it from domination and never-satisfying hunger for power (read a little about medieval and Balkan history)

The highest amount of evil my country (Serbia) suffered was directed directly from Vatican and all of its converts in the neighborhood of Vatican and my country... In WWII my people suffered less evil and sadism from German occupation army then from neighbor Croatian “Ustasha” forces – directed from Vatican. German Reich had a high amount number of labor camps and “death camps” all over Austria, Poland and Germany – but Croatia had a one big death camp just for us (Serbs) called Jasenica.

Apparently Vatican could not tolerate that the Orthodox Church was so influential in the east that it did all in its power to convert people to Catholicism or kill them if they do not comply conversion...

To cut long story short – before a massive attack on my person, try to google a little, an you will find that all this I have wrote here has a history basis and that I didn’t wrote all this “off my head”.

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