Mark Of The Beast: COVENANT WORSHIP...

  Posted by Dr. H.c. Cleveland A. Paige, Jr. on Tuesday, September 7 12:07 pm

[quote]Personally speaking, if I was going to mess around trying to change God’s Holy Laws, written by His own finger twice, the only hard copy man’s has directly from the hand of God, I would be very reticent to mess with the one that deals with the very thing extraterrestrials seem to like best, WORSHIP. I would be inclined to leave that one alone.[/quote]

Ron Brown

I like that what you said. Taking the mark of the beast, involves the shedding of blood. Innocent or Un-innocent blood, regardless, entales the hidden agenda of the "god of this world". Since the days of Cain, whom struck a deal with Satan, and was forever more cursed, because he shedded innocent blood, killing his brother Abel, and striking a deal with the Devil. Covenant! Worship!

With COVENANT, there follows a WORSHIP! Whether it is the cutting of the foreskin, during the days of Moses, and beyond, to the sacrifice on the Cross by our LORD and Savior, Jesus Christ. When Jesus died, that was COVENANT Blood shed, for mankind. That's why, gaining a relationship with the Father, our God, through Jesus Christ is so important. It will always be signified by WORSHIP.

And when those that are on the Earth understand first, then make a choice, concerning the MARK (Understanding should always precede YOU making a final choice! That's the totality of FREE WILL...), they understand that they are WILLINGLY and FREELY choosing the "world system" and its ideals concerning the lose of their identity, and their complete soul.

When I became a United States Soldier in the US Army, I lost my identity, name, number, and everything. I became, as one SGT MAJOR of the ARMY stated, "Soldier, you are this day, the property of the United States Government. You no longer belong to your parents or yourself. You belong to us. We now dictate where to send you, how to feed and clothe you, and when, where, and IF you'll get paid. You are now on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days out of a year. You Are Owned!" What happened? I made a covenant with the US Army, the day I signed that 6 year contract. If I deserted the Army during my contract activation, they termed that as being AWOL or Absent Without Leave, or Absent Without Permission, or Defiant Against Covenant, or my term "D.A.C". Its a covenant. A promise. A relationship with benefits, and curses, because it is MAN oriented; which has loop holes, errors, and faults.

But, with GOD, His Will, Way, and the Word is perfect. Thus, He desires WORSHIP to complete the "seal", if you will. That "seal" is the mark that He'll place upon us. And the WORSHIP the Beast desires is in the sealed form of a mark! A covenanted type WORSHIP that is signed in blood, not by pen to paper, but by the Understanding and FREE WILL CHOICE made by the receiver of the mark, of the covenant between him/her and the Beast. What about babies, and young children who'll get the mark?

I can only say, that the Grace and Mercy of the LORD shall judge those cases in His Own Righteousness. Else, we'll see some children growing up with ripped flesh, because they've come into the knowledge of the Truth, and decided to rip those chips or whatever it is out of their bodies. But, the REAL MARK of the Beast is something totally different than a technological chip implant. Its a TATTOO! A brand! Like cowboys do to their horses and cattle, as a "brand" of owner ship, and property. The Bible speaks about "make no cuttings into your flesh".


Because, a "brand" or tattoo, is congealed with your OWN BLOOD, and it later, mixes in with your entire circulatory system as the years pass. Causing lots of skin diseases, and malfunctions within the body at random parts.

Think Upon These Things....

Bro. Paige

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