Cell Phones and Digital Angel

  Posted by ems on Sunday, February 8 7:34 am

Currently the cell phone industry is getting away with murder. Cell phone antennas all around the world are emitting Electromagnetic Radiation down onto business buildings, farms, schools and bedrooms. Years after people have been continuously getting brain tumors from cell phones, the industry is still getting away with it. The big question is WHY. Most people would say its for the billions of profits from cellular, but there is more to the picture then people realise. Some frequency bands in the FCC have been set aside just for Digital Angel. So wheres the proof? Lets start at Digital Angels first website Illustration. It clearly marks out the cellular network connecting with a person that has the implant, not the wrist watch, but the implant. The following websites versions changed the outline for Digital Angel as they began to focus on a Wrist watch in thier advertising. Either way they can not deny the cellular industry is involved. They even posted a news article stating that there was an AT&T ALLIANCE with Digital Angel. So where is this going? Why is the cellular industry continuing to function at all with the many tumors and electromagnetic frequency sensitivity developing world wide. In other words, its killing people slowly but surely. Keeping in mind that the market for cellular is growing, but there is still a large percentage that does not have a cell phone, the MARK would include everyone, inturn extending a 24hour, 7 days a week blast of EMF radiation to every person on earth. EMF is the invisible tool that is spoken about in revelations. Europe is fighting off cell towers more then most North Americans know. China has had thier cell towers turned down, and even NOKIA's home country of Sweden, has turned it down to an extent, but emf sensitivity continues. The immune system is one of many things that is distroyed in the body by Radiation, inturn making people more vulnerable to sickness and death. Technology is super if it has no direct health effects, in this case its killing off DNA in the human body, and even in animals around the world. Unlike tobacco, or even AIDS, EMF will effect ever single person eventually. Re-read revelations and see the truth about cellular towers, cellular phones and even be more sure about the chip.
There is still time to do some research, look up online EMF, EMS, RFR and digital angel. So where are we at? Has anyone noticed the Border Security act signend in early 2002 that mentioned electronic Biometics? They are already warming people up for it. Did anyone see CBS "The Guardian" that aired a episode with a child wearing a non-removable Digital Angel like watch.
Few noticed the program. Others dont realise its already being used in the prison system, for people after they get out. At some point North America will finnally see what is the source of thier sharp pains and thier sores on thier skin. (as mentioned in the bible) Finnally you should know that your body also works on EMF, thats how your eyes move, your hand moves, electronic signals, very low frequency strengths, but they are there. So when other similar ones show up the body can get confused or effected in many ways such as headaches, fatigue, pains, ringing in the ears, confussion, sleep disturbances and even memory problems.... If you use a cell phone, try a week without it, if you dont try this experiement you cant know the difference. This experiment is easy to do, you cant do the same with a chip, at least not without going under the knife - try it, your body with thankyou later

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