Posted by Denny Aleksuk on Thursday, January 20 8:38 pm

I think people should lighten up on this idea of the Verichip being the mark of the beast. Sometimes people get a little bit of knowledge and all of the sudden, like chicken little (I think that’s who it was) they run around hollering the sky’s falling-forgive me if someone already used this expression.

I’ve studied bible prophecy all my life and it’s amazing how much people DON’T know. It’s not like brylcream where “a little dab will do ya”.

For now people can go easy, nobody is going to be sent to hell because they have Alzheimer’ disease and loving family members want to be able to find you if you get lost.

The critical things to know are these:

Even if this technology IS the technology that will become the mark of the beast-which it may not be; until the Antichrist shows up and signs a peace agreement with Israel thus commencing the seven year tribulation period of time, you don’t have anything to worry about. Its JUST TECHNOLOGY!

The “mark of the beast” takes place after the Antichrist stands in the rebuilt temple in Jerusalem (middle of the seven year period), pronounces himself as God and demands to be served-AS GOD! Obviously if we’re still around, which I don’t believe we will be due to a pre-tribulation rapture, then DON’T TAKE IT. And if you already have one, after the peace signing (when the tribulation starts)-if we’re still here, then you may consider having it removed. But even then, you must remember that the mark is an endorsement of the Antichrist kingdom-your accepting him for who he claims to be-God (don’t do that)! And trust me on this. It won’t be missed. There will be so many bizarre things that will take place leading up to this event that only a moron would not recognize what’s going on (and oh there will be morons). In the meantime go easy on yourself. Heck if I needed to utilize it for any reason I just might. Of course I study the bible though and a lot of people don’t.

But before people start making claims of this nature, make sure that it’s scripturally sound. Otherwise Christian people as a whole pay the price for it (the sky’ falling).

He that hath ears to hear let him hear:

Though the tribulation has not yet started, there is a very interesting fellow that has just come on the scene in the Middle East. I’m not going to mention names. But look for a person who’s in a situation to eventually sign a peace agreement with Israel. The book a Daniel says, “he serves not the God of his fathers but a foreign God, the God of force”. Look for a person who; just when everybody within his jurisdiction is saying one thing in the name of God-he says another. Look for a “peacemaker” who has a history of anti-“Zionist” rhetoric.

Also, Daniel chapter eight says that he (the antichrist) comes from the portion of the old Roman Empire territory that was previously ruled by Alexander’s four generals. That’s the area known today as Greece, turkey, Syria or Egypt. Also, Israel and its outskirts. Do you know what this means?


Prophetic teachers have maintained for forty years that the man comes from the European Economic Community. But Daniel chapter eight says that Europe is EXCLUDED from the picture.

Keep you’re eyes open. Things may be taking place right underneath our noses without our even realizing it.

Tell no man!

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