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donation of bus for church use..
Dr Tola Winjobi
February 15
Calvary greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
I am writing on behalf of Zachaeus Adeyemi Memorial Anglican Church which is an arm of the Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion Ibadan South Diocese. It is located at Alakia in Egbeda Local Government Area of oyo State Nigeria (West Africa). The Church has a population of about 100 worshipers including children. We have an arm called EFAC (Evangelical Fellowship of Anglican Church) responsible for organizing mass evangelism to rural commu

Small church praying for 2 15-20 passenger vans..
S Gentry
June 14
We have been involved in bus ministry for our entire ministry. We provide transportation for children, families without transportation, elderly and disabled individuals. We currently operate the bus ministry
with 1 15 passenger van 1990 which is much need of replacement. Our church as been challenged with the economy, lay offs, pastor's illness for the past 8 years and funds to replace the current van are not available but yet the need to continue to provide this ministry is even greater in

In need of a 12-15 pas van Cheap..
Stacy Williams
February 25
My husband and I are in need of a cheap, but well running van for care of special needs foster children. We also need a van to take them to church functions. thank you for any help. We need the van fast, the engine in our blew and we need something now.

need a church van for church outreach ministry..
Debra Nevlous
February 5
our church is looking for a church to pick up children for church.

January 1

Games, Songs, and activities..
July 14
My husband and I have just started running the bus routes at church. Next sunday will be the first day our church bus has ever been ran. I am looking for Some songs and games to play with the kids to and from church on the bus. I am also looking for monthly ideas for activities to do with our bus kids and for our monthly flyers. Anyone with any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you = )

Need DVD explaining Bus Ministry..
Cathy Picillo
May 1
Would like to show congregation DVD of the Bus Ministry prior to launch. To get workes and explain benefits please email me if you have one
Thank You

In need of a bus for children..
April 22

I am a teacher of the word of God, and I currently teach Sunday school at my church home-however each Sunday I have between one and five students-I am believing God for help and assistance to get a bus-I know of many neighborhoods where I can pick children up-I spoke with my pastor and he stated he has know problem with children coming without their parents-I had mention to him how when I was a little girl the church bus was faithful to come to the neighborhoods and pick children up-I

Looking for a bus for children bible study pickup..
ShaRon Mills
April 3

My name is ShaRon Mills and I'm a member of Bethany Community Church located in Gilroy. Every Wednesday we have Bible study for children in the community, but most of the kids who want to attend can't because they have no transportation. I drive a Rav 4 2 roll seats and I have picked up the kids for bible study, sometimes making two or three trips, pickup and ride homes.

The Bible Study program offered by Bethany has so much to offer to the kids of the community and we want to

Bishop Leeland Hodges
April 1
Praise the Lord everyone, my name is Bishop Leeland Hodges and i'm from Liberia West Africa and i was wondering if anyone has any information on how i could get two 15 passenager vans donated to my church for the transportation of "souls" to attend services on wed, fri, and sunday's....My church started out in what is known as a "store front" but God has been blessing at such a rate that people from all over the country attending our church...I'M all about winning souls and i need somebo

used church buses for sale..
January 29
we have several used buses for sale from $2500 and up in excellent condition please contact DeWayne Williams at (281)883-2569

November 28


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September 11 9:17 pm  Shane Bullis said:  Bus Ministry FormsLooking for church bus member forms. specifically attendance/route record sheet. maybe a editable word, excel or pdf.


Last 12 Parable

drive location..
October 15
online pharmacy https://canadiantrypharmacy.com - online pharmacy reputable online pharmacy canadian pharmacy

Would like the ..
Rosalind Crumlin
July 6
Please send me a picture of a of a full grown mustard seed tree. Please send it as soon as possible.



Picture of must..
carol murray
July 6
Did anyone find a picture of a full grown mustard tree? I also need this for my Sunday School class next week. Any ideas? Thank you, cjm

July 4
Thansks to the Lord for my life in him and joy witht thanksgiving for my rich experience in heavenly faith and journey to evelasting victory in heaven and for Jesus who die for me and my sickness thanks to him for every second and big praise and love,thanks and bles and pray for gospel,keijo sweden

The riddle..
Bob Jones
July 3
Jesus told the disciples on the road to Emmaus that all the scriptures spoke of him.

We should be particularly mindful of:

Eze 17:2 Son of man, put forth a riddle , and speak a parable unto the house of Israel;
Da 8:23 And in the latter time of their kingdom, when the transgressors are come to the full, a king of fierce countenance, and understanding dark sentences , shall stand up.

Jesus not only told the parable, but spoke a riddle in the parable. You have been discussing t

mustard seed..
Monty Nelson
June 13
I am looking for information that is at once Biblical and biological and reconciling the seed and the tree or large shrub.
Thank you.

Picture of Must..
June 8
I never see mustard tree (and seed) in my life. As a christian woman, its important for me to see this tree. Thankyou!

June 3
Once upon a time there was a little girl. She lived very poorly.

mustard tree ph..
Ann Davis
June 2
I am looking for a large picture of a tree grown from a mustard seed to
use as an object lesson with children - young and old!

Mustard tree..
Jennifer Standage
June 1
I would like to see a picture of a mustard tree

The fig tree wi..
Wendy Quince
May 25
The fig tree without fruit represents our fruitless life. The leaves represent the word of God. You see we can have a lot of word in us but not produce fruit. The word of God in us has to be watered, birth in our spirit and then preached to the people. When the Lord told the man that he was going to cut the tree down and the man told the Lord no give me a year I will dig it up and fertilize it this reminded me of how Jesus interceeds on our behalf. Even Moses interceeded for the people of Israel

May 16
The rich man and Lazarus is a prophetic parable. It comes before and after parables from Jesus. It is actually one of the most astonishing prophesies Jesus spoke. In a nutshell, the rich man, Israel, and the Lazarus, gentiles. It is prophesy of the role reversal that will be played out in the coming mellenia. The jews will not have the place of honor and blessings they once had and to the gentiles it will be given. The death in the parable is symbolizing the death and resurection of Christ

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