The FATHER not the Prodigal Son

  Posted by Sonny on Thursday, December 12 8:26 pm

I appreciate the input of all who have commented and pray that God's Holy Spirit will reveal the truth of HIS word on this and other subjects. Most of us have for too long a time focused on the sons; he you stayed and he who departed and returned. I think the reason we do is that we can more easily identify with both of the sons, but I would ask you to consider trying to identify with the father. I think the parable is more about the father than either of the two sons. Demonstrating how our Heavenly Father loves us unconditionally and how we too should love one another. All who have studied this parable have had many questions regarding what ever happened to the elder son and I have concluded that God may have purposefully allowed this scripture to end in the manner in which it does. Thus leaving the 'rest of the story' to be written by each of us individually. Most of us have worn the shoes of both sons regardless of gender and some have even had the privelege of walking also in the fathers shoes. Each time I visit this great passage I am challenged again and again to be more like the father, but too often discover I am again more like the sons. Each time my own children are disobedient to their parent's will (and God's), I am reminded how frequently I too am disobedient to my Heavenly Father's will and Oh how it must break His heart. I cannot imagine the pain and anguish I have caused Him and praise Him for being slow to anger and pray that He teaches me to also love unconditionally. The pain that we parents suffer when our children are out of fellowship with us and with God is heart breaking, yet I am again reminded that the pain I feel because of my love and concern for my children are ever so slight in comparrison to the love God has for all His children. May all of us allow God's Holy Spirit to teach us the truths we are prepared to receive as we continually grow in His grace. In HIS Service, Galatians 2:20

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