The Prodigal Prince

  Posted by Jim Bridges on Thursday, March 10 12:11 am

I sympathize with the brother who seems jealous. I think that the prodigal was rewarded for his misbehavior/sins. Are we to assume that the prodigal lived a good, productive, bourgeois life, til he died?
I assume that it is true that President Bush made several mistakes in his days of "riotous living" and another by invading Iraq. I think that he, too, has been rewarded for his mistakes.
I think that wealthy families, not ones who are just rich, have ways to train their young, to trust in and manage money. Certainly more than the poor, who "plan for Saturday night" instead of for "four generations," as Gloria Steinem says the wealthy do. I assume also that these wealthy trainees have a margin for error much greater than the poor do and that once they are trained, they have great desire and ability to "save for a rainy day" (like old age). On the other hand, the poor are likely to blow any surplus money on instant gratification and lottery tickets. The poor know from experience that this might be the only chance for them and their children to have a blast and that if they try to save the money, a child's sickness or some other emergency will suck it up.
Consider this in relation to the plan, to privatize SS,whether that plan was originated by the Bushoviks,the Big Boys, or the Big Boys' Little Boy, the Smiley Face of Corporate America, a.k.a. "W."

Jim Bridges, 252-338-8177

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