Posted by Jeffrey Wallace on Saturday, July 27 4:54 am

Do you not agree that the whole lump IS affected? Where is the power of the New Testament Church? The world has so filled our churches that we are no longer pure.
"Following this logic the sum of the historical workings of the HS on earth is abject failure as the leaven affects the 'whole lump'."
This statement doesn't even make sense. The leaven does not affect the Holy Spirit. He is pure.
"I dont recognize this puny Holy Spirit nor the weak defeated Christ you present."
Where exactly have I presented this? I never said, nor did I infer this. Do not put words in my mouth to further your agenda. Read again the parable of the wheat and tares. There runs deceit throughout the kingdom. That is the message of all 7 of these parables.
As far as the rest of your comments: who even mentioned Scofield anyway????????? and to what doctrine do you refer??????????????? I haven't discussed anything doctrinal. yet!
We must become unified. Christ is coming back for a purified Church, and the current glutonous, American, Health, Wealth, Confess me a BMW because my Lexus has a flat tire, Church AIN'T IT!!!
Our arrogance is staggering.
Yes, leaven does pollute Christ's church. If the all the puffed up 'worship me' preachers. Paul's letters are full of warnings about these false teachers spouting their false doctrines. We must read the Word for what it says. If we choose to be willfully blind, following the spewed venom of these false prophets, we are beyond hope.
In Christ Jeffrey

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