The true meaning of the mustard parable

  Posted by Denny Aleksuk on Friday, October 10 6:15 pm

Ya know it amazes me that so many different people looking at the same parable come up with so many different ideas and interpretations of it. Who on earth is right? Obviously only God knows. But wouldn’t it be wiser to just let the context, and others that are talking about the same thing interpret the parable?

The parable of the Mustard seed is merely the parable of the sower modified to use upon ourselves. One account says that the kingdom of God is as if a man should cast seed in HIS garden. Well the parable of the sower already has conveyed that the soil is the heart of a man. It also teaches that the seed is the word of God. The fowls of the air are spirits that seek to keep the word from growing in our hearts. What’s being said here is that we are privileged to be able to invert this principle upon ourselves by planting Gods word in our own hearts. Upon doing so we sleep on it. Have you ever been told by a parent that if you have a problem, sleeping upon it will help you see it differently in the morning? Well this is the idea. We sleep upon it night after night and the seed springs up automatically. Notice the word automatically. This is the actual word in the Greek that was translated “for the earth brings forth fruit of HERSELF”-AUTOMATICALLY. Automatic means, “done without conscious thought or volition (decision of the will). In other words, our jobs are to bury to word of God in our hearts, and our hearts automatically brings it forth to fruition, without our having to think about it. The principle entails knowing how to plant the seed and then being patient-the hardest thing.

Why a Mustard seed? I looked up mustard in an encyclopedia. The first sentence of the first line said, “mustard is an easy crop to grow”.

Now notice the COMPARISON, “whereunto shall we liken the kingdom of God and with what comparison shall we compare it?” The comparison is this: The mustard seed is so small that the fowls can literally eat it. But if it’s planted and allowed to grow, it becomes so big that the only thing that the fowls can do against that tree, is to lodge in its branches. Do you think that birds bother a tree? It’s probably not bothered by humans! It’s too big and strong. It’s like there not even there.

When we plant the Word in our hearts, the seed is very small and insignificant, it’s at this time the Satan represented as fowls of the air come looming in around us. To the small size of that seed the birds seem like 747 airplanes. The spirits of darkness are TEMPORARILY stronger than us. “Then cometh the devil to take out the word that is sown in the heart”. He uses affliction and persecution in the beginning phases. Then after the seed has sunk roots and has become stronger, he employs different tactics, he attempts to CHOKE the word, with “the cares of this world the deceitfulness of riches and the lust of other things”. But if the seed is allowed to grow, with time the tree will become a 747 to the birds. In other words their non-existent as far as their influence goes.

What we are really doing is cultivating faith. Faith is the result of the word living and abiding in us. And it brings forth fruit. It manifests!

Now, the big question is how do we plant the seed?

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