Church Bus Evangelism

A great deal of interest is being manifested among many churches for information on church bus evangelism. The following is some of the basic information often needed by a church interested in church bus evangelism.

12 Foundation Principles of Church Bus Evangelism

  1. A tremendous amount of work is required. Most successful bus workers devote many hours every Saturday to this work. It also means getting to the church an hour or two early each Sunday morning and return home for a late lunch. The average time is about 15+ hours per week enlisting riders.
  2. The church members who use every Saturday and Sunday in evangelizing the area will earn some very significant awards in this life as well as in Heaven.
  3. Most of the riders are children-only a few adults ride the church buses. But an understanding as to the amount of time and concern that Jesus had for children will cause church leaders to re-adjust some philosophies and activities.
  4. Most parents want their children to receive religious training. Many do not want it badly enough to get up and take them to church but they will let them ride the church bus that stops in front of their house every Sunday.
  5. An excellent way to reach parents is through their children. All parents cannot be reached through their children. There is a great value in having in the unchurched home a child that shares his enthusiasm about riding the church bus for an enjoyable and profitable experience at church. The children tiding the bus can help to open the door into the hearts of their parents.
  6. One of the best ways to win the world to Christ is to evangelize the youth.
  7. Most people will not come to church-they must be brought. Most people will not study the Bible-they must be taught. Most people will not accept Christ-they must be won.
  8. Jesus never commanded the lost to come to church but He did command the church to go to the lost.
  9. The devil begins working in every way possible when the church really gets serious about evangelizing the area.
  10. God will and does greatly bless a church that dares to transition from an average 21st century congregation to an aggressive New Testament church!
  11. The blessings of God and the results accomplished make it worth the costs, the problems, and the work.
  12. This will give a new direction to the average church. It can help in the transition from a "come meet" church to a "go bring" church.
  1. 12 Basic Laws of Church Bus Evangelism

  2. 12 Foundation Principles of Church Bus Evangelism

  3. 15 Preferred Procedures of Church Bus Evangelism

  4. More content coming soon

KJV Matthew 19:14-14
(14) But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.
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