Church Bus Evangelism

A great deal of interest is being manifested among many churches for information on church bus evangelism. The following is some of the basic information often needed by a church interested in church bus evangelism.

12 Basic Laws of Church Bus Evangelism

  1. The size of the church has no bearing upon the effectiveness of the church bus evangelism.
  2. The location of the church (rural,small town, residential, suburban, downtown, or urban) has no bearing upon the effectiveness of church bus evangelism.
  3. The age of the church has no bearing upon the effectiveness of church bus evangelism.
  4. The population density of the area has very little relationship, for all practical purposes, upon the effectiveness of church bus evangelism (except in the desolate mountains and deserts of the west).
  5. The income level of the area has no bearing upon the effectiveness of church bus evangelism. The response in the low income area, the middle income area, and the upper income area will be about the same if the proper procedures are followed.
  6. The racial or ethnic characteristics of the community have no bearing upon the effectiveness of church bus evangelism.
  7. Children do not think like adults. And adults must consider the thought pattern of children in order to be effective with them. For example, most adults are "turned off" at the thoughts of riding a bus to church but children love it. Most adults are "turned off" at the thoughts of riding an hour to church but children love it. They enjoy bus ride with friends!
  8. Children like to go places-almost any place-and especially with other children. Most children do not have any place to go on Sunday mornings. Most children like riding buses, contests, awards, treats, socials, attention, activities, singing, and other such things.
  9. The number of hours the bus workers spend visiting each Saturday determines the success or failure of church bus evangelism. The Sunday results are won or lost by sundown Saturday.
  10. Many people will respond to God's love when they see it manifested in the lives of the church members every week.
  11. The number of people attending any church and being baptized by any church is determined primarily by the attitude of the pastor and the church leaders-not by the buildings, the location, or the number of people in the community.
  12. Change and growth go hand-in-hand. The church that never changes will never grow in a significant way. All changes do not produce growth but all significant growth must be accompanied by appropriate changes.
  1. 12 Basic Laws of Church Bus Evangelism

  2. 12 Foundation Principles of Church Bus Evangelism

  3. 15 Preferred Procedures of Church Bus Evangelism

  4. More content coming soon

KJV Matthew 19:14-14
(14) But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.
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