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Denny, I really enjoy your musings. I tend to agree with you about most of what you say. I think that makes you a very wise person - in my estimation :) Humility is not groveling in the dust, calling God a liar. The apostle Paul called that \"false humility\". True humility is when we agree that God\'s view and opinion is reality. True humility is when we agree with God who says we are righteous. We WERE sinners but not now. The parable of the \"unprofitable servant\", (Luke 17) when taken out of context might, at first blush, seem to be telling us to work hard for God and not expect any words of thanks. But Jesus had just finished telling of the great power that is available to us if we would just believe it. \"Lord, increase our faith\", prayed the apostles. If I\'m commanding sycamine trees to be uprooted and planted in the sea, then such power might go to my head, don\'t you think? Jesus warned us to do these great works of God and keep in mind that He is the source of our power. Far from trying to connect people with a sense of inadequacy, Jesus parable is a warning NOT to let all this power go to our heads. Jesus has all power in heaven and earth and if we are in Him, so do we. If Jesus can walk on water then so can I. The same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead is at work in me. If Jesus can heal the sick then so can I. If Jesus can raise the dead, so can I. \"I can do all things\", the apostle said, \"through Christ which strengeneth me\". Do all things, small and great and remember always to give God the glory. In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths. (Proverbs 3:6) By acknowledging God in all that we do, He keeps us on the strait and narrow. That\'s a promise I can use. And the scripture was fulfilled which said, \"And Rob and Denny believed God and it was credited to them for righteousness.\" God has blessed you with every spiritual blessing in heavenly places. Rest in the peace and joy of the Holy Spirit. Your brother, Rob

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