True humility

  Posted by Denny Aleksuk on Tuesday, November 11 6:54 pm

I have a challenge for anyone reading this. In my studies of the “kingdom of God” there is this mystical thing breathing in the background that if you understand and accept, it will make you more productive in the kingdom of God. I’m convinced that it is the actual spirit of the matter, and if not understood, a lot of people will sit there and scratch their heads pondering why their spiritual lives are not more productive. What is this mystical spirit that permeates the teachings of the kingdom of God? It’s the spirit of true humility.

Humility is something that can be misconstrued. One person may think their being humble by saying “there’s none righteous no not one” and this is after he’s made Jesus the lord of his life. In their false sense of humility they reject scripture that support that in Christ we have become the righteousness of God. Humbleness never says “oh, no God. You’re sadly mistaken. I’m a putrid thing, if you only knew how pathetic I really am”. Notice the arrogance in this. Telling God that he’s so stupid he doesn’t know how retched you are. When he’s the guy who told you to repent for being a sinner. There comes a time when we must humble ourselves as children and just accept what he says without challenging him. What do we care if he says you’re the richest person in the universe? ACCEPT IT! What do we care? What if he says you’re the most beautiful person in the universe? Don’t run and look in the mirror and say I’m hideous, and through doing so cast Gods word out as a lie. Just accept it like a child does. “You’re a good boy aren’t you Johnny”? “Oh no mom I’m a retch”! Children don’t act like that and we need to learn to do the same thing. Otherwise his word will never penetrate our hearts and will not sink roots. Doesn’t the ground have to receive the seed before the seed will grow and produce fruit? Well what does it matter what God says-if it’s a good thing?

Now notice these expressions used in scripture and see if you don’t notice an underlying spirit. “HIDDEN”, “SECRET” ”CONCEALED”, “WHISPERED IN THE EAR IN CLOSETS”, (your own prayer closet) “DO NOT DISIGURE YOUR FACE WHEN FASTING LIKE THE HYPOCRITS DO”, “LET NOT THE LEFT HAND KNOW WHAT THE RIGHT HAD DOETH”, “DO THY ALMS IN SECRET” ‘SOUND NOT THE TRUMPET AS THE HYPORITS DO”. Do you see anything in all these expressions? The idea is that if we will humble ourselves and be content to be hidden, to do things in private, not attempting to show things to the outer world, YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER WILL REWARD YOU OPENLY.

There is a story that frequently comes up in faith circles that goes like this. A woman was suffering from a terrible goiter that had grown to about the size of a basketball hanging from her neck- if that’s not an exaggeration. Well this woman wood come to the meetings of a very blessed man of God by the name of Wigglesworth (last name). For three years in a row she would come to these meetings and testify to the crowd that she had been healed by God and was demonstrating her faith by doing so. Well, in the presence of the crowd as she was testifying, the goiter disappeared and she was healed. Truly a wonderful miracle. But faith people have seized upon this to say, “Look at the faith of this person who would testify of things that are not yet manifested as though they already were” and they encourage to do likewise But did you know that Jesus taught just the opposite? “Yes, but she was healed” you may say. Isn’t God wonderful! I’ve been blessed too when my thinking was absolutely backwards. The secret of faith is to do just the opposite. It’s called humility or humbling yourself before God. We are to accept Gods word into our hearts through prayer and then to conceal it as though it was a map to a treasure. Harboring it in our hearts and literally fighting its’ coming to the surface. “Let not your left hand know what the right hand doeth” If it’s you, then you have your reward. But if it’s God who’s doing the exalting, you’ll be exalted indeed, in the presence of people. I liken it to a train jumping its tracks at just the right time. Your own heart will assume a mind of it’s own.

Maybe the act of planting a seed is literally humbling that seed. It’s dead you know. The life has gone out of it. Maybe it’s an example of the death, burial and resurrection of Christ. But one thing is certain to me anyway. There is a spirit of meekness that just beckons God to exalt us. Maybe in this day and age of know-it-alls, we’ve become a little too all knowing ourselves. Maybe we need to hide ourselves in Christ trusting that the father will promote us into the light. Just a thought.

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True humility
True humility
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