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Genesis49:18 From Original Authorized King James Version
Genesis 49:18 I have waited for thy salvation, O LORD.
Genesis 49:18 I have waited for thy salvation, O LORD.
Genesis49:18 Strong's Hebrew~English LIT Bible:

Genesis 49:18

  gather (together), look, patiently, tarry, wait (for, on, upon) ~qavah  

  deliverance, health, help(-ing), salvation, save, saving (health), welfare ~yshuw`ah  

  "The Holy Creator of the Universe yeh-ho-vaw'" ~Yhovah  

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Genesis 49:18
 [qavah]   [yshuw`ah]   [Yhovah] 
 gather (together), look, patiently, ta.. deliverance, health, help(-ing), salva.. "The Holy Creator of the Universe yeh-..
 [havaq]   [ha`wuhsy]   [havohY] 

Strong's Dictionary Number: [6960]


1 Original Word: 拽指讜指讛
2 Word Origin: a primitive root
3 Transliterated Word: qavah
4 TDNT/TWOT Entry: TWOT - 1994,1995
5 Phonetic Spelling: kaw-vaw'
6 Part of Speech: Verb
7 Strong's Definition: a primitive root; to bind together (perhaps by twisting), i.e. collect; (figuratively) to expect:--gather (together), look, patiently, tarry, wait (for, on, upon).
8 Definition:

  1. to wait, look for, hope, expect
    1. (Qal) waiting (participle)
    2. (Piel)
      1. to wait or look eagerly for
      2. to lie in wait for
      3. to wait for, linger for
  2. to collect, bind together
    1. (Niphal) to be collected

9 English:
0 Usage: gather (together), look, patiently, tarry, wait (for, on, upon)

Strong's Dictionary Number: [3444]


1 Original Word: 讬职砖讈讜旨注指讛
2 Word Origin: passive participle of (03467)
3 Transliterated Word: yshuw`ah
4 TDNT/TWOT Entry: TWOT - 929b
5 Phonetic Spelling: yesh-oo'-aw
6 Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
7 Strong's Definition: feminine passive participle of [03467;]03467; something saved, i.e. (abstractly) deliverance; hence, aid, victory, prosperity:--deliverance, health, help(-ing), salvation, save, saving (health), welfare.
8 Definition:

  1. salvation, deliverance
    1. welfare, prosperity
    2. deliverance
    3. salvation (by God)
    4. victory

9 English:
0 Usage: deliverance, health, help(-ing), salvation, save, saving (health), welfare

Strong's Dictionary Number: [3068]


1 Original Word: 讬职讛止讜指讛
2 Word Origin: from (01961)
3 Transliterated Word: Yhovah
4 TDNT/TWOT Entry: TWOT - 484a
5 Phonetic Spelling: yeh-ho-vaw'
6 Part of Speech: Proper Name
7 Strong's Definition: from [01961;]01961; (the) self-Existent or Eternal; Jehovah, Jewish national name of God:--Jehovah, the Lord. Compare [03050,]03050, [03069.]03069.
8 Definition: Jehovah = "the existing One"

  1. the proper name of the one true God
    1. unpronounced except with the vowel pointings of 0136

9 English: "The Holy Creator of the Universe yeh-ho-vaw'"
0 Usage: Jehovah, the Lord

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