Digital Angel conspiracy

  Posted by doe on Saturday, July 19 7:51 am

Digital Angel, no doubt, might play a role in the key set up for the future mark of the beast. Now that the human microchip technology is out, the guys from applied digital solutions can take things slowely but surely for their final cause. They started putting these things in pets. Then they used them for tracking purposes in criminals. Now they are using them for medical purposes. Once this technology is widely spread and all set up, digital angel will only need to make a few small modifications on their chips to make these microchips suitable for acting as account balances for your bank account. Think about it, when they are world wide who knows how many years from now and they are the most common thing you will run accross day by day, why would we need paper money? Paper money would just use up resources such as trees. We could just make everything digital so we wont have to worry about printing money or the hassels of atm machines. So, digitals final plan mabey, who knows when, will lead to the implementation of a world wide banking system. Thus, making currency invalid, and no one without the chip being able to purchase anything.

Also, digital placing their head quarters in Saint Paul, Minnasota?... St. paul for digital angel, sounds fishy to me. What about them calling their chip digital "angel" in the first place. IT sounds like pure evil in a way, expecially since the chip almost mimicis the mark of the beast. The Head guy of this place says he's a Christian. Ill tell you what... Being a Christian, I would never think of developing such chips. YOu know why, it will eventually lead to the mark of the beast.

I think digital just screwed the world over, cause now, we are even closer to the end. But first, we will have a one world government. I think digital will play a very important role of the bringing together of most the contries. Because once every county implements thier technology. Digitals equipment will be running pretty much everything in every country, and the chip itself will be able to track terrorists, so why would we need seperate countries if we can have peace. Everyone will be using the same electronic transactions to purchase things. Mabey this will finally be the end of the palestinian isreal conflict...

It might be years before all this happens. The chip will first be optional and later in the future it will finally be mandatory for new borns. So babies will be infected with this virus and after generations it will be normal.

I can see digital monopolizing almost every industry with this chip technology. It will bring them power and money. Oh, remember that little saying...

Money is the root of all evil

These guys are more worried about 80 years of owning millions to buy gadgets and mansions and they dont care they might be doomed for eternal hell... Its sad, but remember, if you live to resist the mark, you will be rewarded with heaven. So otherwise, if you get slaughtered standing up for Jesus, you will be saved, and the others that don't stand up for Jesus, they wont be saved. They will burn in hell.

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