True meaning of the seed parable.

  Posted by Denny Aleksuk on Wednesday, December 3 4:34 pm

Notice the simplicity of this parable. All of us live in a world where we see plants daily. All of those plants come about as a result of a seed falling to the ground and being buried. Have you ever considered that you’re walk with God may equally be as simple? According to Jesus it is that simple.

Ok, What’s the real meaning of this parable? Why would Jesus use this in conjunction with the statement “I will speak things that have not been revealed from the foundations of the earth”. Don’t we all know about seeds? Don’t we all know that seeds will not grow on a kitchen counter? Then what’s the “mystery”, what’s the “secret”? Well whatever it is I’m going to listen. What on earth is God almighty going to say when he has an opportunity to teach? Have you ever thought about that? Jesus’ time was limited and he was not a person to mix words.

In mark chapter four Jesus lays an important foundation that he builds on all throughout the gospels. The seed is the Word of God. The ground is the heart of a man. The word grows in a man’s heart the same way seeds grow in soil. My favorite portion of this scripture is “for the earth bringeth forth fruit of herself; first the blade, then the ear, after that the full corn in the ear”. Do you know what the Greek word for herself is? It’s automatos. Or in our vernacular automatic. The word produces fruit in our hearts automatically. The word automatic means: done without conscious thought or decision of the will (volition). Isn’t that interesting. There is a system that is set up by God whereby we can produce fruit without our even having to work at it or strive. “He knoweth not how”.

Jesus said “ you cannot add one cubit to your stature by taking thought”. Now think about that. Jesus is saying that there is no supernatural power in the thinking process. Might Jesus also be saying that there is a power to change the stature, which entails not thinking about it? Were dealing with the power of Gods word. I’ll admit that very few people have tapped into that power, but for Jesus to say that he will reveal things that have been kept secret from the foundations of the earth; is he talking about the wheel? Or maybe magnetism? No, he’s talking about miracles! A man of this caliber doesn’t lead people on to say something ludicrous. Unfortunately some people will never have “ears to hear” what Jesus was really talking about-the ability to transport something from the spiritual realm to the physical realm-a miracle, and according to Jesus it’s as easy as planting a seed.

Why don’t we then see more miracles? Well as simple as God made it, there is an adversary that forever confronts us in the growing time of this plant of faith. (That’s what were actually doing-cultivating faith). And subsequently these dark spirits typified by the fowls of the air attempt to devour that seed. If were not resolute to “hold fast” that seed for the duration of the cycle, all will be aborted and the glorious reality’s of Gods word will never materialize.

If you realize what’s at stake here you can see why Satan is going to attack with full fury the use of the principles of this parable. Because:
#1. He’s going to sit idly by as you “bring forth fruit” unto Gods Kingdom (if done right there is nothing he can do). And
# 2. He’ll watch his kingdom be systematically dismantled by the believer who understands this principle.

All in all, it’s good news for God and bad news for the adversary.

Just remember that Jesus is talking about miracles, and the person who gets a handle on the teachings of the kingdom will have a real tiger by the tail.

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