Once saved always saved?

  Posted by Denny Aleksuk on Wednesday, December 1 9:31 pm

FYI, I think Pamela is referring to Mark eleven in which Jesus spoke to a fig tree and withered it “from the roots”. Though the above topic is a different scripture, I think it’s interesting how Jesus reacts to a tree (the same way) that does not produce fruit. IT’S CURSED.

I know that many people believe in once saved always saved. However it’s simply NOT taught in scripture. If you don’t produce fruit “the axe is laid to the root” and the tree is burned in the fire. Jesus played this out in the fig tree scenario. He was deceived by leafiness. People coming across as spiritual Joes and in reality these are the ones that Jesus said would “weep and wail and gnash their teeth” as their kicked out of Gods kingdom and appointed their place with the disobedient. And why? Because of no fruit production.

Have you ever asked who these people are who act this way? They aren’t people who curse God and say, “even if there is a God I’m not serving him. He can go take a hike”! Huh uh, these are people who thought that they were fine and dandy doing all the worldly things that they wanted to, and when somebody said hey the bible calls that behavior sin, they would retort “GOD IS LOVE DON’T JUDGE”!

I have news for you. The doctrine of once saved always saved was concocted in hell by some of Satan’ greatest minds. It’s a deception (the spirit of Anti-Christ). And if you believe this lie it could cost you your mother, brother, sister, spouse or any loved one.

Now does anybody want to continue in this nonsense? One consideration of Judas Iscariot in light of what the book of Psalms says about him will prove to you that here you have a saved man, who is now cursed throughout eternity.

Now do you really want to believe silly things? Or do you want to be wise and error on side of caution?

How long is eternity? Do you really know that there is this assurance of once accepting Jesus, you could become a serial killer, a Hitler, a child abuser, and yet a possessor of the promise of a throne in heaven?


Don’t let it be your loved ones.

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Once saved always saved
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