Rob' response/widow and unjust judge parable

  Posted by Denny Aleksuk on Friday, July 13 6:59 pm


That was really good! I’m all ears.

A good example that would support what you’re saying would be the fact that Jesus said in Mark chapter Four “the earth brings forth fruit of herself”.

The earth is the human heart (our own). Jesus also said “things spoken in darkness will be heard in the light” and scripture supports that it’s your own spirit that’s radiating it outward-like a ball of dough manifesting yeast or becoming leavened (YOU CAN SEE IT!). And yet Jesus said “your HEAVENLY FATHER will reward you openly”.

Jesus taught that the human spirit acts as a candle or a light. I call it the overhead projector that projects things onto the canvas of our lives. But you’ve picked up on the fact that there’s a mystical parallel between the human heart and our heavenly father. Someone might be tempted to conclude that WE are GOD, but no I think the real meaning is that we were designed to be a type of mirror that reflects the glory of God (a chandelier?). God has sent the light of his word into the world and for those who allow it to “dwell in them richly”, that light will hit that inner mirror and be refracted into the world around us. Hence God uses this refracting property of mans heart as his M.O.

So, then the question is, just who is this unjust judge? FYI, I’m not saying that God is the unjust judge. What I was saying is that if this small, worldly insignificant woman can instill such torment into the heart of a human of great worldly stature through the use of this idea (it’s the idea of faith found in the new testament), then HOW MUCH MORE can we get results from one who is NOT proactively resisting us.

Both the man who came for bread at midnight and the widow came boldly DEMANDING that their petition be granted. Notice it had nothing to do with friendship, worldly status, or lack thereof; it had to do with BRAZENESS. That’s the word that comes closest to the real meaning of the word that was translated “importunity”. The real meaning of the word is WITHOUT BASHFULNESS. It’s the same idea found in the parable of the widow and unjust judge.

OK, but how about your point that we’re really in a sense praying to our own spirit and our own spirit is the putrid judge? Frankly I agree with you on that. But the question arises; do we need to go that far into the interpretation of this parable to reach some kind of understanding of it? Well your thinking is good! But I just don’t know if Jesus intended for us to analyze this analogy to that degree. But then that’s what we always say.

All that I can say right now is that I’ll have to look into that. I heard what you said and will take it seriously. But I like the way that you attempted to keep the underlying parallels of the kingdom in tacked when breaking this down.

Right now I think it’s merely an example of holy boldness and the refusal to capitulate upon the promises that we’ve received from God. It would also underscore the fact that prayer is based on covenant rights not wishy washy gravelling or begging as though were dogs under the table. HEY, didn’t Jesus say something similar to a woman who he ended the conversation with GREAT IS YOUR FAITH?

Rob keep up the good work. You’re an inspiration! And I’ll continue to look at it in the light that you’ve laid down.

God bless:)

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