10 virgins and the end times

  Posted by les on Monday, July 7 2:14 pm

I hear your words and what you say could be true if that is what the scripture is talking about. My belief is that the 10 virgins are more of an example of being ready to meet the Lord than that. Some will be taken up in the rapture and some will not be ready. 5 were ready to go in to the Bridegroom and 5 were not ready.--I believe that the rapture will take place and it will happen before the 7 years of tribulation. Some of the people will be ready and some will not be. Here is an example of those not ready.

Years ago I did a research paper recounting the people who might be alive at the time of the tribulation. I am a pre-tribulation person and believe in the rapture. Very simply put, the paper was like this. If all of the people on earth stood in a group and then the tribulation started, I believe it would go like this.—
1. The first to leave the group would be those taken out in the rapture at the beginning of the seven years.

2. Of those left behind, there would be those who accept the mark of the beast and the bible says that they are lost.

3. There will also be those who will not have anything to do with believing on God so lets put all of these off to the side as those who will be judged and go to the Lake of fire.

4.. Of those left behind, The Anti Christ will require them to take his mark in their for heads or their right hand. If they refuse, they will be slain for their faith and they become those who are under the altar.

5. Of those left behind, there will be those who the bible says will make it through the 7 years of tribulation and will be accepted so lets just add those who go to heaven.

5. Then there are the Jews. They will be those who are mentioned as having signed a 7 year peace treaty under false pretenses. When the Anti Christ stands in the new temple that will be built and declares that he is God, the Jews will realize that they made a big mistake and they will pull out of the peace treaty and head for the hills for protection. Probably to the city of Petra which is carved in the rocks. At the end of the 7 years, Christ will return to earth for the beginning of the 1000 years of peace.

5 virgins were watching and waiting for the Lord's return and 5 were not. There are those waiting and watching to go be with the Bridegroom at rapture time and there are those who say
it is all nonsense and will not be ready.
I hope you won’t be out looking for oil when that time comes.

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