Revelation 13:18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.
Revelation13:18 Strong's Greek~English LIT Bible:

Revelation 13:18

  here, hither, (in) this place, there ~hode  

  are, be(-long), call, X can(-not), com.. ~esti  

  wisdom ~sophia  

  be (able, X hold, possessed with), acc.. ~echo  

  mind, understanding ~nous  

  vote/count ~psephizo  

  definite number/indefinite number/ ~arithmos  

  venomous, wild) beast ~therion  

  and, as, because (that), but, even, fo.. ~gar  

  are, be(-long), call, X can(-not), com.. ~esti  

  definite number/indefinite number/ ~arithmos  

  human/people ~anthropos  

  and, also, both, but, even, for, if, o.. ~kai  

  her, it(-self), one, the other, (mine).. ~autos  

  definite number/indefinite number/ ~arithmos  

  six hundred threescore and six ~chi  

Samekhi's Greek LTR-RTL Greek Hebrew Bible Project
Revelation 13:18
 [hode]   [esti]   [sophia]   [echo]   [nous]   [psephizo]   [arithmos]   [therion]   [gar]   [esti]   [arithmos]   [anthropos]   [kai]   [autos]   [arithmos]   [chi] 
 here, hither, (in) this place, there are, be(-long), call, X can(-not), com.. wisdom be (able, X hold, possessed with), acc.. mind, understanding vote/count definite number/indefinite number/ venomous, wild) beast and, as, because (that), but, even, fo.. are, be(-long), call, X can(-not), com.. definite number/indefinite number/ human/people and, also, both, but, even, for, if, o.. her, it(-self), one, the other, (mine).. definite number/indefinite number/ six hundred threescore and six
 [edoh]   [itse]   [aihpos]   [ohce]   [suon]   [ozihpesp]   [somhtira]   [noireht]   [rag]   [itse]   [somhtira]   [soporhtna]   [iak]   [sotua]   [somhtira]   [ihc] 

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