Re: I feel I control things

  Posted by patsy on Saturday, January 31 3:14 pm

I can only Trust Jesus, to control me, because, when I obey Him, and sin no more (Ephesians-3-16) He srengthens me with might against sin and disobedience against Holy God, by His Spirit in my inner person!
With today's teaching, God gave His Holy Son, to die on a Cross, they He might understand your continued sin, and disobedience against Holy God, is not of God, but of the very devil!
Men, making themselves, the head over their churches, has lead many souls to Hell, in their justified continued sin against Holy God!
When Jesus is the Head to Rule over us, we HEAR His Words. When sinners came unto Him, and were forgiven their past sins, He also warned them, sin no more less a worse thing come upon you, The Judgment of God!
(Hebrews-10-26) For if we wilfully sin after that we have received the Knowledge of the Truth (Christ) there remains no more sacrifice for sins,
(27) But a Certain fearful looking for of JUDGMENT and fiery indignation which shall Devour the adversaries!
Religion that teaches God gave His Son, that He might understand, or justify man's continued sin, is not of God.
(29) Of how much more sorer punishment, suppose you, shall he be thought worthy, who has trodden under foot the Son of God, and has counted the Blood of the Covenant, wherewith He was sanctified, (to cleanse us of sin) an unholy thing (justified continued sin) and has done DESPITE unt the Spirit of Grace! Having total denied the Power of His Spirit to conform sinful man like unto His Image!
Woe to all who have made the Holy Blood of Christ Jesus, and the Power of His Spirit, of no more power then of the blood of bulls and goats, that could no take away sin, because the blood of bulls and goats, could not change the evil conscience of man!
(Hebrews-10-2-6) God had no pleasure in blood that could not take away man's evil conscience then, nor does He now!! (Hebrews-10-7-22) Jesus came to do away with the old covenant, that could not take away sin, that He might Establish the New Covenant, that fallen man might be cleanse from all sin and disobedience against Holy God, from the inside-out, having His Laws written in our hearts and in our minds, giving us His Spirit that we can and we do, keep His Commandments, thereby we follow Christ, not after man doctrine!
God does not dwell in Building made with man's hands, (called church) for we are the Temple of God!
If one does not worship Him, obey Him, seven days a week, they need not waste their time, playing Church on Sunday!

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