The rapture

  Posted by Barb Alford on Tuesday, August 13 7:42 am

I happen to be one who believes in the pretribulation rapture, however, I also believe in being ready for anything. I figure that the LORD will come when He sees that it is time. Until then, He will see us through anything that we must face. Even unto death. We are living in times unlike any other in history. For the first time, it is actually possible to "mark" literally every human being on earth via microchips. Satellites make it possible to relay live pictures to the internet or TV, which will make it possible for people to see the two witnesses lying in the streets for three days before God breathes life back into their bodies. Israel is once again a nation! That's a big one right there. Jesus said He couldn't tell us the exact time/date, but he did say we could discern the season. When we see ALL these things happening (wars, earthquakes, famines, possible meteor strikes, ecumenism, false teachers/doctrines, the anti-God spirit that abounds) in unison we are to look up, for our redemption is at the door. Well, friends, it looks like we're getting pretty close. Remember, too, that the Word says that we are not appointed unto wrath. We are the bride of Christ and thus, why would Christ allow His bride to suffer the judgment of the tribulation? The tribulation is to bring judgment upon a defiant and vile world. All through the bible we see examples of God's people being saved from the hour of judgment: Noah, Lot, Rahab, Joseph, etc. We can also see two examples of previous raptures in Enoch and Elijah. They did not die but were, instead, transferred out of this world. All I can see is keep your eyes in the skies because I have a feeling we'll be seeing our precious Lord soon! AMEN!!!!!

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