Posted by Travis Peter Jackson on Saturday, May 14 7:16 am

When the Apostles had a share in the Ministry before JESUS Passion, they had been given the SPIRIT to do so, but had not yet been baptised with the SPIRIT. To merely speak of having a filling with the SPIRIT while in a State of Grace for a duration is not nescessarily equal to speaking of being immersed into that SAME SPIRIT, with the result that HE now is your sole REALM of Existence, as the sea serves for the all-encompassing habitation for fish. It is true that as one drifts from the HOLY SPIRIT, that SPIRIT must withdraw from such a one - though HE yet fishes for the soul of the one covenanted to HIM, if that one has backslidden.
Not until the First Feast of Pentacost under the New and Everlasting Covenant of our LORD JESUS CHRIST were the Apostles baptised into the HOLY SPIRIT. Nonetheless, between the Resurrection of our LORD and SAVIOR, and the Fulfillment of the Promise of the Baptism with the HOLY SPIRIT, there was a separate giving of the SPIRIT that was was general, and concerning personal Sanctity, but for a select few alone, and having everything to do with the Office of those installed into the Hierarchy, to whom GOD INCARNATE said, "The one recieving you ME recieves, and the one ME recieving recieves the ONE having sent ME." In other words, what the SON was sent by the FATHER to establish in HIS Infinite Humility, in the Form of a Human Servant, is intended to be carried out to some degree not without the Apostolate. To the Apostles was given with the SPIRIT, between Resurrection and Baptism in the SPIRIT, as explanation for that Bestowal, simply the words: "Recieve ye the HOLY SPIRIT: of whomever ye forgive the sins, they have been forgiven to them; of whomever ye hold, they have been held." The Apostle John, writing these things in his elder years, after many of the other original Apostles had gone to GOD, notes that all of these things were selected for mention specifically to edify the Recipients of his Book. If with his then very emminent exodus from the body there would no longer be need of the bestowal of the SPIRIT given for Reconciliation to GOD, why did he include this as specifically most important for his readership and their audience - since other things of equal worth he left out in vast amounts?

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