10 virgins

  Posted by angela phillips on Saturday, September 4 3:12 am

parable of the Ten virigins, is just that get the MESSAGE.Sometimes, we as christians try to follow the letter of the law and not the holy spirit.I believe is about the anti-christ,the raputure, israel, belivers.This parable can be use for all, depending on where he or she is at the time....It is message to me and others Get right!!Get Ready!!To Go Home!! No man knows the day or hour the son of man coming....When is the end of time when is the rapture. My question is when is my personal end of time. my death we, me may die before the rapture, before end of time come...

Many times we behave pharisee and sadicucess. we do enough to get by, to pass not get thrown out, just little oil in my cup, just pay my tithes and church require offering or minium or matching 10%......

We say or works, and deed speak for us,i dont need to do more have extra oil, annoited life, we like the parable rich young rulers, ive keept all the commandemts since my Youth....I ve been doing good practical all my life we so proudly and pitously boost running down our list of things accomplishment we have done... Are we , me and you ready when Jesus comes with this unexpected request Sell everything and follow me...Jesus u asking for to much, ive done all require, like 5 foolish virgins we say we half lamp of oil, there is more i am to do, 5 wise were ready they were physical and spirtual faithful virgins, not only were the virgins physcially in there body where some one could see, but they were spirtual and had the annoting to prove it, power through testiomony expreience, trial test tribuliation pass the test, the 5 foolish were keeping themselves

pure....in church, in temple, praying long prayers, quoting,studying history that was good, but they miss Jesus the one they were preparing for the groom their future, the mansion their paradise because they had no extra oil, couldnt borrow it, it must be earn oil is made through press,they had to go through hard pressure exprenice to recive this annoiting oil......
.Oh my brothers, sisters and lil children, boys and girls , teenager , my Soul cries out To God our lord, our husbandman, prepare us the bride of Christ to be right, to be without wrinkle or spot, and
Study to show ourself approve and with all our Wisdom get an Understand so we can Stand with You at our Personal Appoint Judgment day and Hear You say Well done my Good and Faithful Servant .............

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