Dream I had like parable of 10 virgins

  Posted by eric on Thursday, August 7 3:42 pm

To confirm my belief that God's destroyer angel was released on July 29, 2003 And is now surveying the United States, I was given a dream on July 30/31, 2003 that is similar to the parable of 10 virgins.

My reality was this: a clear water, cement canal, that winded, so that you could not see far ahead or behind because of the curves. I was swimming in this canal, when suddenly I saw a great white shark patroling the waters and coming my direction. I quickly climbed out of the waters onto the bank. I watched for awhile the creature swimming. Then I gathered the confidence to go back in. However, I knew that I must be vigilant incase the creature came back. Lo and behold, the creature did come back, but was on top of me so fast that I could not escape the water. But the creature passed by without harming me. I believe this to be the destroying angel patroling our nation which was released on July 29, 2003. I believe he does not have the power to destroy yet. And I believe we must remain vigilant, because the day and the hour inwhich he receives the power to destroy may come at any time. Dream/Commentary 2003 - www.bigfootlivesindallaswestend.com

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