ten talents obvioulsy

  Posted by james joseph on Friday, November 1 3:32 pm

what are good works? how does one use his abilities to serve the lord? is it selling airplanes to don king? is it selling cars? or insurance? what about the birds that neither sow nor reap nor amass riches? what material things are gained by making 100, 000 per year? how is owning a lexus doing good works? what could people buy with money in 500ad? not computors!!! it is my observation the worlds point of reference is monetary gain and not christian charity. Self aquisitions and personal security above charity to its extreme. Although many interpretations of the parable of ten talents are similar i see common flaw running throughout their illogical analysis. i however have no revelation as to its true meaning. the master expects usury fees and yet christ said if they want ur cloak give ur shirt as well. give without expectation of reward. the first 2 servants are likely to have exploited the needs of the others in order to amass greater riches and leave the masses less wealth. wealth is not created. it only exchanges hands. if someone has more, all the rest have less. i see the servant with 1 talent as taking doing the least harm

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